12 Reason How Fasting Changing Your Life

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Generally,the purpose of fasting is to cleanse the human heart from sin, to purify the heart and soul back. However there are benefits, reasons and a more practical purpose, which could help you more easily grasp the wisdom of fasting.

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pink01  Fasting GET US CLOSER to Allah S.W.T, and makes it easier to express difficulties and feel the generosity of Allah S.W.T to us.

pink01  Fasting teaches COMPLIANCE. When deciding not to fast, you can still get on with life as usual. But since you will be obedient to the teachings of religion, then you are determined to do so.

pink01  Helping you discover the true HAPPINESS through simplicity or moderation, restraint and the celebration of happiness that is not excessive.

pink01  UNDERSTANDING the feel of thirst and hunger. For those of you who used to starve due to diet, the suffering of the poor are starving may not touch your heart. When fasting, you will realize this is how it feels hunger and thirst all day and every day.

pink01  By fasting we learn to ACCEPT the predicament that must be accepted, which can not be changed anymore. This is the same spirit that trusts in our attitude while waiting for breaking and self-denial for one full month.

pink01  Fasting trains us to CONCENTRATION and willing to try for the sake of something believed. When anger and emotions come, we will learn to make moral as a priority in solving the problem.

pink01  Fasting teaches man to SURRENDER YOURSELF and BELIEVE in the power of the Almighty in facing of difficult times. Maybe you have ulcer disease that does not seem to allow for fasting, but in reality many are able to fully fasted.

pink01  A few hours without food and little time to break teach us to THANK in good times and patient and persevere in difficult times. It also teaches us not to have fun all the time to forget yourself.

pink01  During fasting anger must be conquered, not DIVERTED. This valuable training for later applied in your life after the Ramadan.

pink01  There is a limit to the meal, there is a special time for breaking and Tarawikh. Through fasting you are also taught to TIMELY and DISCIPLINE.

pink01  TOLERANCE and FORGIVENESS is a classic that always points true of all time. Fasting teaches two things that even a classic, but still can not be done well by people.

pink01  Restraint during fasting also teaches you the ECONOMY SETTING. And to save money and sort out the expenses that are not excessive, now you know that in fact there's always money to be practiced for other people.

Fasting is also finalizing a private person. With a willingness to forgive, restraint and make priorities, your personal will really matured through the process of fasting...So let's NOT lazy to fasting.Instead it is something we should do,it is also a lot of good for ourselves..
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  1. mmg bagus puasa ni..plg suka sbb kasi cuci semula organ dlm badan..dan kasi slim badan.hihihi.^_^.

  2. Totally agreed of u dear!!!

    yups, and i can feel the changes into me(perasan),hehe...
    anyway, thanks for the info dear.=)

  3. so true!! agreed!
    bulan puasa ni bnyk bg kita kebaikan...

  4. you`re right sis.. :) semoga kita akan lebih dekat dengan Dia..Amin.. :)

  5. So true. It brings the benefits that we didn't think it will be. From health to time management.


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