Jolie And Pitt's Son ,Start Acting

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It seems that the eldest adopted child of couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Maddox Jolie-Pitt Chivan, will follow his father's and her mother footsteps to became a film star.

Maddox's 10-year-old will star in film production publishing and rumor says Pitt offered him acting out the main character. Movie is scheduled to kick off his depiction in the next year.

Maddox With His Dad ( Brad Pitt)
"Movies have been adapted rather than a pictorial novel about a shepherd boy left his home in the mountains to fight with a giant," the source told the Daily Star.

Add the source, the daily life of Maddox actually filled with the film world as well as interested in reading comics.

Therefore, Jolie and Pitt held that Maddox is very well suited to character.

Meanwhile, Maddox and his five siblings are now in England to follow his mother and father through the filming World War Z.
I am a great admirer of Jolie action actress since I was a kid until now ..her acting in the film Tomb Raider really was amazed me..How I wish I could be like her..hahaha!!
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  1. If we have a famous parents, we'll most likely to be famous juga keke.

  2. mcm muka org melayu pla ank dorg tu..hohoho

  3. wow mantaps!


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