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Gosh!! I forgot today is Saturday..I should make an entry winner for Blog of the week for this week..Why do I forget these days..Haiyya!! I'm so forgetful..sorry guyz..:P

Well..nothing much time to lose,BOTW this week was won by Ms. Aemy the blog of

I love this header made of Aki..

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"Aemy Shamy, 21 tahun.. Terkenal dengan entri2 english.. English Aemy sangat2 mantap.. Aku kagum dengan gaya penulisan dan olahan entri Aemy.. Tersusun dan kemas.. Ini mungkin kerna minat mendalam Aemy terhadap Novel.. Sejujurnya, semua novel yang Aemy baca aku tak pernah baca.. Hanya seorang dua nama penulis novel tu sahaja yang aku tahu.. Review movie? Baca saja Aemy punya entri mesti tertarik hati mo tengok tu movie.. :)"Nowriz said impressed,in her entry titled "Mereka Ter-hangat !!!" yesterday.

Honestly,I agree greatly with dear Nowriz..She is what they called " Ulat Buku",cause of her reading habit.

Cumil vha kan? Jangan lupa skodeng blog dia tau..:P

Want to get know her more closely?here a bit  info,As she writes on her profile "A Muslim. Born in October 3, 1990. Sabahan. Brunei-Javanese. My middle name is Nadira. My heart's taken by Ifo. Sucker for novels. I love Paramore. Movie geek. I say things as they are. A bit impulsive and reckless. Katsaridaphobic. I'm an introvert but I can be a thoughtful friend. My life is a blog that's waiting for me to post it. Get to know me closer by following and reading my entries. Feed me with comments because I love them. Peace ^^"

A fun-fact that for me gives her the edge : She is was one of my loyal visitors and active commentators, There  is her name on  my every published entry ,Dear Eyan as well...thank you dear :)

Make sure you pop over to Miss Aemy  and take a peek :)..
Follow her and you wont regret it ,promise:)
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  1. Saya suka blog dia. Kadang-kadang ada ayat dia yang superbly nice yang terus saya rasa mau tiru ayat dia ni. Sampai macam tu sekali oh. Haha.

  2. setuju dgn nowriz !
    ulat buku yg dh mkn byk buku..haha..
    aemy jan mrh r law baca..fact pula tue r.. suka b'kwn dgn wsb's ~ :)

  3. sy pun ska lepak d blog Aemy.. :) hehee..bila bca movie rview dia trus rsa mcm "aii..mnyesalny nda tgok ni wyg itu ari"..huhuhu..

    thniah Aemy.. ^^

  4. congrats Aemy! :D keep up the excellent writings ;)

  5. selalu lawat2 blog dia cara penulisannya. English dia power!

  6. Tahniah!..jom terjah BOTW ni :) hehe

  7. rasanya pernah singgah blog dia..mmg nice..comel headernya kan hehe

  8. oh muffins.....thx Pink Diva, & thx my dear friendss!!! ah, this week 2 kali sudah sy terharu...1st by Nowriz, & now by you...i feel like i wanna see u right now & hug you or give your flowers!! hehe..thank you so much ^^
    i hope to see you one day with other blogger's really nice to have such friend like you, dear..i love you!! ^^

  9. Your html skills are just awesome Miss Pink! hehee.

    Eniweiz, ya ya Aemy is a great blogger. She's a great commenter as well. Banyak ni comment dia ;D She deserves this post and also at Nowriz. Congrats Miss Aemy hehee.

  10. OK,dia ni mimang Kaki Karut tersohor ni.. Heheh.. tida rugi kalau pigi tempat dia.. ^_^.v..

  11. i love her blog...she really drive me to baca novel


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