Marian Rivera Reveals Her Birthday Gift For Dingdong Dantes

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Though busy with her epicserye Amaya,Marian Rivera still can spend time to celebrate the birthday of her boyfriend Dingdong Dantes.The Queen Of Primetime Kapamilya also informed what would became the gift to the actors.

Kapid (a snake name on epicserye) is one of the reasons notable for Marian Of Amaya.Aside from this of course the first original story she starred.

"There's always asking if it is true Kapid is snake."To please those who said that Kapid is untrue,Kapid is true exist,"said Marian appear simultaneously holding the snake on Chika Minute of GMA News 24 Oras on Tuesday.

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Although busy with work, Marian still have time to celebrated her Boyfriend Birthday along with the actor's family.

And when asked what gift she had with Dingdong, Marian replies: "He request me to cook for him on his birthday,So I will fulfill his request to cook for him .I am more excited than him" Marian said.

"I cooked Japanese fried rice, he also wanted to eat kaldereta and pork steaks. He is also loves to eat garlic shrimp with garlic sauce made by me ,"says Marian Rivera about the Dishes she cooked for Dingdong Dantes's birthday celebration.

She also intends for her boyfriend to fulfill his aspirations in life, not just as actors.

"Much more she wants to happen in her life not only as artists but as people.And hopefully all that she can accomplished then be always happy, And I hope I'm the one who will be able to make him happy "said Marian.

Source : GMA NEWS
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  1. artis dari mana ni dear? ensem & cantik ehh.. ;)

  2. @Va Va Voom Yeah..they are dear..:)

    @nowriz Aik ndak ko kenal kah dear? pelakon siri Marimar tue vha..? ataupun ko ndak pernah tengok kali ni kan ? hehehe...

  3. Pinoy Actress ba ni.. cumil2 belaka.. Hehehe..

  4. waaa..soooo sweet!!!i wish i could be like Marian on my bf's befday..huhu...

  5. @Aki Tau pun si Adik Aki..confirm tengok Marimar ni..hehehe

    @Azeanthy Paiman Yeah memang sweet dear..they're both on couples for years together ..hope their relationship lasts until they married.

    Similarly, your relationship with your lover too..Amin

  6. ooo... baru sy tau.. memang nda pernah tengok.. tapi soundtracknya pernah pula di dengar.. hihi... :p

  7. aiii si marimar kan ni sis. Ohh bf/gf pulak dorg.

  8. @nowriz Oh patut lah dear ndak tau..hehehe

    @SimplySeoul Exactly dear, si Marimar & Sergio lah ni..memang dorang ni bercinta bukan setakat dalam siri tapi in real life juga..:)

  9. gua suke marian! suke tgk video die yg boobs die pop-out :P

  10. senyuman hampir sama jer tu..:) sweett...

  11. @Gua Tertidur Akak mang dah agak dah pun,adik mesti suke punyer..hahaha!!!...Jangan ponteng posa yer:)

    P/S : mentang2 dah bukak puasa..

    @Elih Japahar Mang sweet bro..


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