Avoid Dry Lips When Fasting

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Lips dry and chapped is unsightly eye. At the time of Ramadan comes, the problems often interfere with dry lips. Not only does it look dull and blistered lips, chapped lips that can result in injuries, infections and even irritating feeling. In order to remain the fasting goes smoothly and awake your lips moisture and softness all the time, Check this out:

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pink01  Minimum Drinking Eight Cups Of Water Per Day

As explained in the article Beautiful For Fast Food, water is one of the fan so that the body is not dehydrated. Besides causing the body drowning, dehydration will make your skin and lips are dry. Try to drink eight glasses of plenty water even when you are fasting.

pink01  Use Lip Moisturizer

Whatever your daily activity for the days,in the sun or indoor air-conditioned,use a lip moisturizer is much needed. Choose a lip moisturizer that containing vitamin E or moisturizers that contain petrolatum. Want natural ingredients ?,use honey or olive oil.

pink01  Choose lipstick That Contains Moisturizing

If you have to wear lipstick,because there are some jobs that require staffed to wear lipstick.So use a moisturizing lipstick so your lips are protected, for example, emollient. If you use a lipstick that does not contain moisturizers, apply lip balm first, then use the lipstick.

pink01  Clear lipstick On Lips

Do not wait for the rest of the lipstick is still stuck on your lips when cleaned, Don't let until you take to bed at night. Waste left lipstick on the lips can cause irritation. Clean your lips with lips remover. You could also use soft cloth moistened with warm water.

pink01  Lips Scrub

Cracked lips are actually reasonable, because it is part of skin regeneration.Piles of dead skin so that it does not stick and make an impression dull, do scrub on the lips by using a special scrub cream. If not, wet your lips with warm water, rub gently with a soft movement. Dead skin will be more easily separated.

pink01  Do not Pull Up Or lick your lips

Often unconscious hand while pulling the skin is peeling lips so bloody and aggravating circumstances. Stop this practice. If your skin start feels dry,do not licked! never caught on! Rub moisturizer on lip immediately or fell drop by drop with a little water (but be careful not to swallow)..

pink01  Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

There is nothing better than to nourish the skin from within, from the food you consume. Conditions skin and lips are often dry as fast as many are ignoring / lazy to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Take a menu of fresh fruits and vegetables in the meal and break menus. Vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables will make the body and skin fresher.

But it is legal to use lip gloss or lipstick when fasting? Will it break the fast?



All the Beauty That Is the material placed on the outer skin, that smells good and is odorless, Both for treatment and moisturizer as well as for beauty, or other purposes, not including Invalidate the fasting, unless the people taking the drugs to swallow.

Meanwhile, to the extent there is a sense in the mouth, do not give a negative effect on fasting, as long as no part of any ingested into the stomach.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz, in Majmoo 'Fataawa, Was once asked, "What is the legal use of kohl and other beauty equipment in the month of Ramadan? Can it break the fast?"

He replied, "Make-up not invalidate the fast, for Both men and women, in the opinion of the most powerful. Only use this thing at night is better for People who are fasting. Similarly, the influence of drug use facial treatments, Such as soaps, oils, and others, the which only the outer skin, including the boyfriend, make-up, And the like, All That may be done by People who are fasting. Only, Should not use makeup if it Could endanger the face . Allahu waliyyut taufiq. "(Majmoo 'Fataawa Ibn Baaz contracted, 15:260)

Sheikh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen was asked about using the cream for the law of fasting, to Eliminate the dryness in the lips.

He replied, "It is allowed for someone to moisturize the lips or nose using a cream, or wet with water, with a cloth, or something. However, it Should Be guarded, Lest any part That goes into his stomach. If there is an entrance to the stomach accidentally then fasting is not canceled. As a gargle, and then Suddenly there is a section That goes into the stomach by accident, his fast is void. "(Majmoo 'Fataawa Ibn Uthaymeen, 19:224)

Allahu a’lam.

Translated by Ammi Ustadz Nur baits (Islamic Consultative Board of Trustees) of http://www.islam-qa.com/ar/ref/92923

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  5. what i always do..hehe..bcoz my lips easily get chapped especially during fasting..so i wear lipbalm everyday to stay moisturized..you know chapped lips would bleed if we peel out the skin..ugh..thx for the extra info :)

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