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Good aftie everyone..I've missed two weeks for this post,and I had to pause it for a long festive season and busy constantly..hope you all don't mind..only sorry that I can say.

Back to our topic..The winner for this week BOTW goes to Ms. Mira ..[ ]. A cute girl who loves red,I guess lah..base on her blog url..hehehe.

I love her cute as the owner too
We're both are not very close even though she was also one of my WSB's family.Probably because I rarely visit her blog and vice versa..But now since she won BOTW for this week,I'll put her blog URL on my Fave List to easier for me to visit her blog in future..hehehe:)

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Pic of lovely:)

pink01  And here a little about this cutify girl..[ just copy and paste from her blog ]..

NAME: Amiirah Cassan
WAS BORN ON: January 22nd (10years old in 2002)
EX-STUDENT OF SJK (c) Yuk Chin Tawau  ♥  SMK Kuhara Tawau  ♥ SMK Takis Papar  ♥  Kolej Matrikulasi Labuan.
DESCRIPTIONThe name is Mira, babe. I dedicate my entire life to Allah and my family is the best treasure. As a person, I'm real friendly and open-minded. Also, i'm true to my friends, especially to my Best Siszt Ever and my Bestfriends. They are both my laughter and my tears. :) I'm a fan of versatility and simplicity, cuz i'd rather be anything but ordinary. So now i'm still in the middle of searching for something i'm best at.
Mathematically, My life is 50% LOVE and 50% MUSIC. When i'm in love, music excites me. When i'm broken-hearted, music calms me. It happens alot since I keep on falling in and out of love. Easier to say, Love and Music just compliment each other within me.

A fun-fact that for me gives her the edge : She's got the highest reffering sites URL into my blog..thats why lol!!! ..thanx dear:)

Make sure you pop over to Ms. Mira and take a peek :)..
Follow her and you wont regret it ,promise:)
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Sharing The Love :)


  1. Banyaknya referal url dr blog tu hehe..dah terjah tadi, dan best juga blog dia..tahniah Amirrah!..

  2. c Miiraa ba tu.. sepa tia kenal.. ^_^.v..

  3. she's my ex junior in high school..hehe ^^

  4. As Salam,

    pertama kali dapat masuk blog kamu nie...dah banyak kali tidak dapat masuk. tidak tahu kenapa dan mengapa. mungkin line internet tidak kuat...hehehe...apapun, nice blog dan Kancil minta maaf sebab baru dapat lepas masuk blog kamu...

    Salam perkenalan daripada Kancil...hehehe

  5. waaaaa ~~~ kakak pink diva !! baiknyaaa ~ saya menang BOTW di blog ni ~ weeee ~ suka suka , hehe oopss , femes satu minggu , hihi mekasehh ^___^ yang di atas2 ni , hihi hye kamu2 , mekaseh drop komen cni , hihi :) malu pla , cehh , hihi THANKS AGAIN !!! muaaaaahhhhh xD

  6. she is my sister...ahaks....niced.nice..

    feel free to visit my site k..


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