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Mornin everyone..How's your weekend yesterday? Are you all healthy ? hope you all are.Well as for me,is quite unhealthy.Holidays are already gone for 11 days.I feel sick since a few days ago until now.

Normally when the Almigthy want for us sick, we must accept with open hearts. But there are also sometimes peoples who do not understand our circumstances and say we are only pretending to be ill. Never mind .. They don't even know the real situations and they know all they said is all right and we were wrong.It is human nature got the attitude that so kan..hmmm

Allah S.W.T test us with various forms and circumstances. Similarly, I tested with many trials. People could only see and talk behind me, but they do not know what we are experiencing. Just at a time when I need strength and pleased with what happened. Always remind yourself to be patient and continue to be patient always.
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Well,Talking about the sickness I experienced in the past several days, not as a worse as you think ok.It just lately,i felt pain throughout my body, easily get tired, sometimes feel nauseous but it was hard to get out,and the most I hate is when arriving at night, my fever came, I felt hot and cold flashes like Am having a higher body temperature,been feeling a little bit warm lately and wondered if me are coming down with a cold or something.I always feel sleepy in the daytime, at night it difficult to sleep then arise with a lot of acne, before menstruation pimples as well but not this much..huhuhu:(

My mother said, possibility I was pregnant.Because what I experienced was an early signs of those who are pregnant.If this is true, I'm the happiest woman in the world..huhuhu!! but I don't want to expect so it is true, I am afraid of a huge upset later when if the thing that I always yearned for this time is not true at all..but my period due date has passed more than a month old..Am I really pregnant??

Ahh-Uhh..Throw it away ! [although in my heart was praying that my wish will be answered] ,because it is normal when I missed menstrual period up to 1 to 2 months when I think a lot of the problems faced.Wake Up Sheng!!!..you just missed a period due to other factors, not because you are pregnant .. ok!!

pink01  My mom and my husband recommended me to go to clinics for check-ups, but I refused to go as hard for me to accept the fact when the doctor says that I am not pregnant and I just had normal fever..So I prefer this way..
If I am destined to become pregnant,.syukur alhamdulillah ke hadrat ilahi..
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  1. hehehe..takpe kak..g je buat medical checkup...ape salahnya kalau bukan preg.. boleh buat lagi..yang penting nk dgr doc cakap awak sihat :D

  2. Sheng...pg buat check-up ja bah...if u're really pregnant, u can take care of it awal-awal lagi...takut nanti ada apa-apa, because i had an experience with my 2nd preggy & i lost it then..jgn sampai jd mcm tu...

  3. Haii Pink Diva..hope u feel better soon :) pi lah buat medical check up tu

  4. sis..better pg cek..nnt ada apa2, lg ssh tu.. huhu

    smoga cpt sihat..n jmpa la dktor k.. :)

  5. amin... 3x.. amin ya rabbal alamin.. semoga ada khabar gembira..

    take care dear.. :D

  6. Sis I understand U don't want to feel disappoint but health is important sis. Take care always.


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