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In the first of Syawal, my whole family went to visit the graves of our grandfather, grandmother, my newly born nephew and uncle.Because they are buried in same cemetery in Jalan Aman, Sandakan.This is an annual routine of our family when syawal came..Do you ever experience the feelings of losing your beloved or important person in your life?

Me,have many times experience it...this year, it's has been 4 years my dear grandfather has passed away.. it had been a long long long walk without him.. Missing him is the most absolute thing you gonna face.. his dedication, strength, love, passionate, patience, and everything about him are unforgettable..he's gone but he lived in my memories, in my family and in people who close to him...this can't be told like a story..you won't get it unless you yourself experience it...when the time comes, there's nothing you can do..nothing can be avoided, nothing can be prevented...no matter how hard you try to save and take care,no matter how much you spend your energy,sweats and money, all become useless.

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I'm telling this is not for your sympathy or wanna show the dark side of me...No!, not an inch..I just wanna give a little advise to those who read this, to appreciate time you left with your beloved one; neither your parents, siblings nor friends, the time is running out day after day.. until a point where you realise that you had done zero - nothing with him/her while he's/her's a life... then it will be a huge regret to you till death comes.

however, life must go on. lead it with courage and happiness so that when you turn and look back at time, you have something to laugh at, to be proud at..So guys, create as much as you can- your own unforgettable memories.

pink01  To all muslims, Please donated Al-Fatihah to all our brothers and sisters who have returned to Rahmatullah..may their souls Vis mercy ... amin.

I lost my ex-fiancee was brutally murdered on 5 years ago..Al - Fatihah :(
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  1. May them rest in peace.. Amin..

  2. al-Fatihah.......
    may Allah bless their souls..

  3. Was meant to both of you can't live together..:(
    forget what had passed,start your new life with the present now.

    Al -Fatihah

  4. semoga roh mereka dirahmati..be strong ya dear..

    agree with u too..while we and the other still alive..please care each other.. and love each other

  5. Al-Fatihah..
    i know & understand that feeling too..
    i lost my mom when i was 14, and i miss her more every seconds now..

  6. al-fatihah.. semoga rohnya di samping kekasih Allah..

  7. dear, i miss u so much!!!!

    i'm back now..and i felt sorry that i can't visit my grandfather n grandmother's grave...only yassin i could sent to them there..=(

  8. Al- Fatihah to them..
    GOD bless them ~

    btw, Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin dear.. :)

  9. Death, setiap minit detik dan saatnya sudah tercatat...tidak apa yang booleh merubahnya. Sakitnya kita melihat pemergian tidak kembali itu.

  10. Al-fatihah.
    kita semua pasti akan menghadapinya.


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