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Hai peeps..How are you ? ..Its been a while huh?..since my busiest moment are over,now I'm back for blogging.:)..

As I observed lately,Many bloggers who promote the concept of " U follow I follow U back" or Even if you do not put such similar words in U follow I Follow Back as a title on Widget follower on sidebar, I guess they will make a special entry to thank them for willing to follow their blog once with the statement that they would go visit back to their blog's follower right ?

Hey you also have made ​​like that too right? Especially for a newborn in the world of blogging. Even if no such title in the widget follower or without special entry though, naturally its concept of U follow I follow this back you also use .. right?..I personally admit that I've been used this concept before .. hahaha!

For those who are diligent blogwalking, there are two possibilities BW purposes was made. Firstly,is to up their own blog traffic and promote blogs. Secondly reason is to promote the blog and add more friends.The first was probably just leave a trace in the shoutbox or chatbox of course,but the second is likely Blogwalking also become a follower at the same time.

P/S : BlogWalking I mean here is them who first time to visit ONLY .it is has nothing to do with them every day came to visit and comment..:)

The purpose of this blog follower so already come in many varieties. Some follow for

pink01  They like to read the blog entry in that blog.
pink01  There are those who follow because the blog is popular.
pink01  There is also a kind of conditional follow, means that if they follow a blog,they wanted to follow them otherwise they will unfollow you back.
pink01  There is also the intention to add their own follower with other's blog follower but they don't mind at the last they follow will follow them in returned or not .
pink01  Follow as from the community or state or from the same region.
pink01  Follow reason is want to fulfill the conditions to join the giveaway or some contest.

No matter what the purpose is you to follow a blog, but I have only one advice,Please do kindly put your blog link on your blogger's profile.To simplify the blog owner that you follow,were to follow you back.Because if there is no link to your blog, and you don't leave a trace in the chatbox, it is difficult to them to follow you back.Do not blame the blog owner you already follow, if they do not follow you back on your own mistakes...huhuhuhu :(

Where is your blog link? [ Click To Zoom In ]
It is so easy if you want to put your blog link in your profile,go to edit profile and select the section as the image below;

Click To Zoom In
 Select the blog's you want to show in public..Click Save and You're Done.

This should be available to facilitate the blog owner follow you back
Many new follower of my blog, I can not follow back due to this factor.No messages in the chatbox, how do I follow?..Don't Blame me tau..:(
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  1. ho ho ho.. dulu si Aki slalu buat tu.. Ya,kadang2 ada blogger yang tia bagi link ni.. susah mo detect.. hahaha

  2. saya pun sebelum ni nda taru link sheng...sampailah sy nampak d post org lain...tp betul lah sheng, bila ramai2 yang follow mau follow balik susah bila tiada link kan.... rasanya ramai juga yg tidak tau lagi ni...

  3. Sis sometimes using that blogspot to make your link appear doesn't work (like my case).

    Use google setting baru boleh. You have to click your own gambar on the followers section and go to setting, then Add links.

    I will never say 'Follow Me Back'. It's kinda the pride I have as a blogger. That's why my followers ciput je walaupun dah 3tahun. Hehe. But I'm owkay if anyone said something like that.

    (Goodness I put a long comment, sorry sis) keke.

  4. naaa, btul tu..ada rmi jg follower sy yg x ada link blog.sedih jg sebb x dpt tgk blog dorg balik.bla terjmpa di blog org lain, klu ngam2 ada..sukurla dpt jg tgk blog dorg..^_^

  5. Ramai sudah yg tidak dpt dijejaki..kalau drop koemn di shoutbox atau komen entry bo lah kita jejak balik ni,follow dan blaaa..

  6. hehe i once used that u folo i folo rules..but then i realized it's stupid :p
    heheheh....no offense..
    yeap sometimes ada blogger yg x letak link, hard to track them back..huhu..

  7. yup..sstgh org follow link dorg x ada..xdpt nak follow blik..huhu

  8. It's about sincerity and honestly, I don't force blogger to follow my blog and as for me myself I only follow blogs which consists of interesting entries and friendly blogs as well..

    Keep on posting sis!.. Happy blogging :)


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