Webify Me - What It Says About You?

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Good afternoon to all! have you had your lunch guys? hmm I have no appetite to eat now,..I would eat when I feel hungry later..hehehe!!

And here's Web of mine
During my last BW,when turn one of my blog BOTW winners,,I am interested in one of her entries about one of applications from Mozilla Firefox which is very interesting to try.The application is called " Webify Me ".You only need to answer all the question given until the end of options.After that,your WEB will be generated automatically.

In every pictures that appears in your Web, storing all kinds of interpretations about yourself.Want to know what the meaning behind of those pictures?Just click on the picture you want..

Below I wanna share what's The 12 pictures says about me;

Click The Image For More Clearly

Click The Image For More Clearly

pink01 What's You Get ?..:)

It just for fun..Don't Take it Seriously..
Sharing The Love :)


  1. we got 3 same items! hehe...yours is cool..i like the Disguise one..a chameleon huh! ^^

  2. saya ada telampau banyak barang oh.. hahaha..

  3. ehehee...disguise tu mcm bhaya.. :D

  4. mcm siuk pula main ni tau.ari tu tgk yg aki bt.ketawa2 jg baca sbb bnyk btul brg aki.hihi

  5. wow, will try it kejap lagi.

    Sorry sis lama xBW blog sis. Honestly my broadband kinda mintak lempang laju2. Will try to comment as fast as possible bila sis update k.


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