Baby's When Born To The World

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One day a baby is ready to be born into the world.

He asked the Lord: "Angel says that tomorrow you will send me to the world. How do I live there? I was so small & weak?"

And God said: "I chose an angel for you. It will protect and love you."

Baby asked: "But here, in this paradise, what I do is sing, play and laugh. Is this enough for me to be happy."

"Your Angel will sing and smile for you every day. And you will feel the warmth of love and to be more happy"

"And how can I get in when people talk to me if I do not understand their language?"

"Your angel will speak to you with the most beautiful language ever you heard. With patience and attention. She will teach you how to speak."

"What will I do when I want to talk to YOU?"

"Your Angel will teach you how to pray"

"I heard that on Earth a lot of bad people. Who will protect me?"

"Your Angel will protect you. Although it may be threatening their lives"

"I definitely would feel sad for not seeing YOU again."

"Your Angel will tell you about ME, will teach you how so you can return to ME. Though indeed I will always be beside you."

At that moment, heaven was calm and quietness to the voice of the Earth can be heard,baby asked slowly.

"Lord, if I must go now,can you tell me the name of the angel?"

"You will call your angel : " MOTHER ".

My Niece (Pic Taken During 2 Month Old) ..More Pics

Always remember the love and sacrifice of the mother. Worship, pray and love them all the time. She is the only property not stand in hers place beyond our world.

And for mothers, remember this story when are you out of patience with the hassles of children who were growing up. Paradise is under the soles of your feet.

Purify the 4 things with 4 things:

1) Your face with tears conviction,
2) Your tongue moist with the remembrance of the Creator,
3) Your heart to fear and trembling Allah S.W.T greatness, and the sins of the past,
4) Embroidery it with repentance to substances that have you.

Advice for my own self..:)

Thanks To Anon for sent me this ..
Am so touched... It reminds me those infant who was thrown like throwing rubbish by their angels (Mother).The Chosen One who should care for them..They (Mother) who abandoned babies should not be called an angel, but devil..Wallahualam :(
Sharing The Love :)


  1. you will be a great mother sis.. :)

  2. touching :')
    u're an awesome mother..
    & my mother has always been my idol. i wish i can be a good mother tpp someday :)


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