Last Trimester | Week 33

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Entering the last trimester was thrilling.Every second was preoccupied with fighting moments of life.Various things have in mind now.How safe will I be? What would happen to me this time? Easy or hard for me to labor soon? Can I cope with the pain of the most spectacular?..Other women can do it, why can not I do instead?..I can do it as well..!!

Ah, the feeling is really good at playing their role.
Deceive the mind and thoughts.

Heart not so calm now.

Maafkan ku saja deh...:(

"The more complete the preparations,the heart feels like hell.My eyes are getting stuck on a set beg to be brought together, the more fierce this heart beat very fast..The more the eye is reflected in a row of dainty little dress in the special clothes basket, has not retained this faith awaiting for a battle soon. ".

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"Ya Allah, kuatkanlah semangat hamba-Mu ini." amin..
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