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Morning everyone...How's your day today ? ..hmmm today, I felt so lazy to go to work,probably because of my body now that came bigger day by difficult to stand up from my seat,I can not afford to walked even 5 steps forward,should take a break and a deep breath, do stretching exercises on foot to continue walked again..The daily routine that I had to go through the days when going to work..(susahnya bila hamil..:( ).

Voucher For March (Valid until : 30 June 2012)

Ok .. back to the main topic .. this morning when opening an email, a friend sent me this email..

I really liked this kind of thing,When reading the magazine, firstly in my mind is voucher like this..hahaha!!!..a friend of mine is already familiar by my behavior,by sent me this..thanks Frankie..:)

It would have many people know this already, right? (saje nak nak pomot ).

What Is TM Rewards ?

TM Rewards is a rewards program provided by the TM to TM users.As we all know, a lot of rewards provided by the TM for TM users,for example TM Bill Rebate,Vouchers,Gifts and so on.

Who can apply?

The TM Rewards programme is open to all TM residential customers..

I am not a TM users, but also can get this voucher..hikhikhik!!

How to redeem Voucher?

TM Rewards system is very easy to use.Only need to log in, select the voucher you want, then print.Once printed, go to the place where you want to redeem and just show the voucher that was printed earlier..

In a minute, I want to print this voucher,can I redeem later at KFC..You don't know how much I love to eat at KFC,I don't care about rumors that worsen this premise..weeee!!!!..(janji dapat makan)..

Anyone who wants this voucher ? .. just let me know :)

Till my next to back for work now..Have a wonderful weekend..

For More Info : TM Rewards
Sharing The Love :)

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  1. Mama sheng.. I ada kwn yg baru launch mobile apps.. Sapa download dpt bonus points n pastu boleh kolek banyak points biler graphics ad pop-up setiap kali terima call atau sms.. Cool gak graphic diaorg jadi cam wallpaper.. Pastu points leh redeem tukar voucher kfc, gsc, mcd, jj dan banyak lgi.. Kalau mama sheng nak check it out pi website diaorg atau Selmt istirehat mama sheng


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