Week 34 | Baby Kick Counts

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I get up so early this past few weeks due to as very active baby toddler kicking in my belly in the morning between 2 to 5 am.Sometimes, very difficult to adjust a comfortable sleeping position at night.If before, I can sleep in many positions that I want.But now, I have to follow the little ones in the belly wants.

Had four night straight, I slept with the left position for whole night.I want to change other position, but can not.. It hurts in me .My husband had to put pillows behind my back for support..

My last appointment at the clinic two weeks ago. Doctors remind me to start counting my little one movement in the week 34.Fetal movement is a reassuring sign that your baby is growing and developing right on track. Fetal movement can be quite variable.

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During pregnancy, sometime between week 18 and week 24, most women begin to notice a fluttering in their bellies. These early signs of fetal movement may at first be confused as simply gas, but actually your growing baby is rocking and rolling inside your belly! They been moving around for awhile, Thinner women tend to feel movement earlier and more often than women who carry more weight.

My doctor said,start counting when I get up in the morning. I should feel at least 10 baby movements by noon (or in about four hours).If I do not reach this number, drink some juice and count for another hour,then you should reach 10.

There are many methods to count baby movement.Another method is to lie down for an hour after dinner, or a time when my baby is most active. I should feel 10 fetal movements in two hours. If I don't, Doctor ask me to go hospital.Remember that healthy babies are active babies.

What does it feel like?

When the baby kicks its like they are saying "Hi MOM " I <3 U..Feeling like popcorn popping,little tickles turn into sharp,a butterflies fluttering, goldfish swimming around,or kicks and jabs! .Sometimes will feel hunger pains in the stomach or gas, but when I start to feel them more often, I will recognize the difference. I could feel these movements when sitting or lying quietly.And when I saw my belly moving like there is something in it (memang ada pun..), I was pleasantly frightened..Sometimes I could feels tiny foot touching mine..It is so cute and wonderful feeling I've ever felt..

So far, my little ones is actively kicking, which means my baby is just fine in there..Alhamdullillah !

According to my doctor, my EDD is on May 4 2012.I really hope that the baby did not come out earlier than expected date.The reason I've about set my maternity leave just enough so that I can take a break after the Eid come..hahaha!!!

Be patient ya sayang ..!! wait until Week 40 ..hehehe..:)

Well that's all for today...I want to find out what food to eat this day..
I sometimes feel unbearable being pregnant .. I'm tired ..But when I thought about it, think again, it felt a moment ago, I have a urine test and shed tears because not believe I am pregnant ..:)
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  1. kalo active, baby boy...hehe :D

    jga dri..smoga sis n baby shat slalu..Amin.. ^^

  2. wow i can't imagine something moving in my tummy...it'd be weird but i can't wait to experience it either :p hehe...
    i hope u're feeling better :)

  3. Hi there, just became aware of your blog thru Google,so interesting so good , i realy enjoy your blog ,nice site!


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