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Lately,so much work to do at office..I even not realize the time will soon come.Apparently the day we waited is almost here..10 days more to count.

Truly indeed, they said , the time passed really fast.I have less than 10 days before the baby born. Probably less if the baby is destined born earlier than expected.

These two three days, it seems a lot of mucus coming out.As cervix begins to dilate,meaning the cervix begins to mature.

Last week,I was busy washing and folding baby's clothes and get ready all the things needed.Alhamdulillah, I am very grateful for optimal health throughout my pregnancy.

I still remember the feeling the first time I knew I was pregnant,feeling the first time I saw something alive inside of mine during the ultrasound screen.

For that I fully understand their feelings that haven't yet have a baby .. One thing I can say, just be patient and keep trying ..Insyallah,your time will come.

Before this, doctors validate my due date is on May 4,..But when I done the ultrasound last week, he said my due date is end of April which is 30 April.There may slip during the day he made estimates..whatever the reason is..

For sure,the doctor said the baby's position is in the right position and ready to go .. And yes ! ..each time I've stand, I felt that my bladder going to exploded..hehehe!!!

Regardless, next week on the 24th is my last appointment..And indeed I can not wait to hug and kiss the baby .. I can imagine the little body in my arms ..

And I pray that everything goes smoothly and safely for both of us..Amin!!!!

"Please don't let my water break at an inopportune time like in the middle of a many people or during my way back home or at a restaurant".
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  1. All the best momma sheng! hopefully everything will be
    smooth & safe,and my turn will be next earlier this august......hopefully everty


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