8 Signs Of Labor

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This morning ,I just google about pregnancy. I was about to close to this, I got to know many things related many things and to make preparations to deal with it. Many new things that I know and learn about this pregnancy's matters. The more I read,the more I like to know,the more I felt nervous and the more I am excited.Plus nowadays, about a 10 Days more to go until my due date.So,I have to know the signs of labor so that I was not very soon to panic..

Conditions such as experienced by many woman in their first pregnancy. Sure, the delivery process is different for each woman, but the signs of labor are the same.

So by knowing the signs of labor will help us understand when it is appropriate to go to the hospital and what to do when the signs of labor has come to you.

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For the mother's who will give birth soon and to myself, the following are signs of labor;


Dropping, also known as lightening, occurs when the baby descends into the pelvis. You may experience a subtle downward shift in the baby's position or you may notice an obvious "drop" of your belly. You may not notice anything at all. Second time moms will often not notice dropping until the onset of active labor.

I felt a sense of heaviness in my pelvic pressure right under my belly, making it more difficult to catch my breath.


Some women will experience an intense urge to clean, organize their home, or other efforts to prepare for baby. This may range from a sudden urge to cook a month's worth of freezer meals to sorting out all the socks for the baby in the nursery to scrubbing the floors on hands and knees. Not all women experience nesting, but it is a common sign of labor nonetheless.

Nesting ? .. sounds so strange ,seems like animals to nesting pulak..hehehe..But it is true .. two weeks ago, I was packing baby's and other items to bring when I went into labor soon.


Menstrual like cramps are another symptom of labor. Backache and leg cramps may also occur. As the baby drops into pelvic inlet he or she will put pressure on your nerves which can cause cramping in your legs.

Backache and leg cramps I already starting felt it and all i want is just about to lie down all day..Fortunately I still work .. On my duty off, everything I do at home just lying down..huhu!!

Pelvic pressure

You may notice an increase in pelvic pressure or a feeling like baby is going to "fall out". This pressure increases as your pregnancy nears to an end.

I have this sign too, I felt a heavy pressure.It difficult to stand, walk or lie down .. I think something will fall from my belly.Sometimes when I walked, I will lift up my belly to relieve the burden that I carry ..
Mucous plug and bloody show

You may notice an increase in vaginal discharge, particularly mucousy discharge. You may lose your mucous plug completely or it may break off a little at a time. If you lose your mucus plug and it is tinged with blood, this is considered bloody show. Although not always, labor usually begins within 72 hours of bloody show.

These Two or three days, the mucousy out more often .. but so far there is no discharge of mixed blood or bloody show.

Water breaking

Labor usually begins shortly after rupture of your amniotic membrane .Water breaking may feel like a gush of water or a small trickle. You may even think you have urinated on yourself. If you think you are leaking amniotic fluid or your water has broken, it is important that you call your doctor right away. Most doctors will induce labor if the water has broken and labor has not begun on its own within 24 hours to prevent possible infections or complications.


You may notice an increase in Braxton Hicks contractions towards the end of pregnancy. As labor progresses contractions will increase in strength, frequency, and duration. Some general guidelines are to call your doctor once you are experiencing contractions consistently five minutes apart. Consult your physician for specific instructions on when to call and when to head to the hospital. Physicians protocol may vary.

Sometimes,I've felt contractions,But the contractions don't get longer,.Maybe what I've feeling is probably so-called false labor they said.As true labor draws near, Braxton Hicks contractions become relatively painful and strike as often as every 5 to 10 minutes.

Dilation and effacement

Your doctor may be monitoring your progress during the last few weeks of pregnancy. She may tell you that you have begun to dilate or efface. Dilation is the opening of the cervix where effacement is the thinning out of the cervix. Both are a good sign that labor may start soon.

Some women will notice nausea, diarrhea, restlessness, or irritability.

In the 8 sign listed above, only remaining 3 signs that I have to wait ...May all your prayers are always with me..Amin!!!
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