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Compulsory bath is to be done by a Muslim to purge themmself of major impurities and of going with a wet bathing throughout the body.However, many women mistakenly associated with a bath after giving birth.
Wiladah bath is large bath immediately after giving birth and then got to take Nifas bath after the expiry of childbirth.

Most people do not know about the Wiladah Bath is not the same as the Nifas bath.Women are required to shower Wiladah because,in case if she die before childbirth blood dried, the woman was already in a purified state.

My time in confinement, I came across an article about the compulsory bath after delivery in Hidayah
This article actually save me because before I dont even know about this.

I think many women still do not know that after birth, we are actually required a compulsory bath 2 times.

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After childbirth EVERY MUSLIM WOMEN MUST Do the 2 Compulsory Bath.

1. Bath for Giving Birth (Wiladah. That is, once the baby out).

2. Bath After Giving Birth (Nifas. That is the blood that comes out because having a baby).

Wiladah bath preferably after birth or as soon as the woman was able to move for cleaning while Nifas Bath similarly if the blood is gone.

Perhaps more I know about the bath for Nifas but many forget about Wiladah.According ustazah,intention to bath can use only one, no need specifically.

Only intend:
‘Sahaja aku mandi hadas besar kerana Allah Taala'

Intent shall be included when the water reaches the body..

But I use a specific one :) ..

Wiladah Intend, " Sahaja aku mandi wajib wiladah kerana Allah Taala "

Nifas Intend, " Sahaja aku mengangkat hadas nifas kerana Allah Taala "

Alhamdulillah, after learning about the Wiladah & Nifas Bath, I continued to shower as soon as my surgical wounds healed.
To be a mother and father soon, please do not take this lightly,Especially men who called husband had to take cognizance of such matters.Learn as much as you can because you are a leader in a family..

Hopefully this knowledge that I pour out, shared with the women, mothers and fathers expecting a baby.

For women who bathe due to menstruation and childbirth,desirable to use perfume after bathing (afterbath perfume) so that the scent from the scent of blood.
Sharing The Love :)

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