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It has been way too long since I have written a post for my blog. There have been so many times that I wanted to come on and just write, but I either couldn't find the right words or something else would come up and I would just tell myself I would do it later. The days seem to fly by so fast lately..

Well here I am writing again..I am sure many people quite miss me right?..hahaha!!..It feels like my blog is become haunted cause of too long neglected..ngeee:).I'm sorry for not keeping up the blog like I should.

Actually the reason why is towards the end of my pregnancy,I was very depressed.Too many things that played in my mind at that time..So I decided to stop for a moment to blogging.After all my maternity leave is about to arrive,thus all my attention to the preparation for delivery only..Blog ? It can wait later on..:).

I already know many things that I miss,never mind lah..I'll just catch them all soon..:) Sure you can not wait, right? ..

For those who are always up to date with my progress during my pregnancy,I hereby gladly announce, That I already safely gave birth a healthy baby boy,on 15 Mei 2012..Alhamdulillah!!..Over Due ? Exactly!!..If before the expected date is on April 30,then changed to May 4..It is true they said , no one will knows when will be us giving birth.Expectations are not necessarily correct all the time.


Aril Fattah B. Abdul Rahman
Place Of Birth : Duchess Of Kent Hospital Sandakan
Date Of Birth : 15 Mei 2012
Time Of Birth : 08:09 AM
Weight : 3.9 kg 

 Sleeping soundlessly despite many people in the Ward.

I looked like my mom, what my moyang said.

Excuse the blurry photo, all pictures are merely just a snapshot using my cheap mobile phone.

Since I have been over due, I had to be hospitalized and be induced.I had no idea that my baby was going to be born with any issues.For 6 hours long I groaned in pain at Maternity Ward,And finally doctor decided,that I must to undergo c-section because the baby in my womb is very weak and my blood pressure came up suddenly.Like it or not,I am forced to agreed for the safety both of us.He was born emergency c-section due to difficult deliveries at 41 weeks.

Being a Mommy has changed my life, but being Aril's Mommy has brought so much joy and happiness into my life.I'm very thankful to Allah S.W.T for for the amazing gift of a cute little boy despite the most difficult delivery at the time I gave birth.I hope my child may be the righteous caliph, intelligent, clever, obedient to parents and most importantly, obedience to Allah S.W.T.

Sorry for the late post. (Aril's now aged 1 month)..:)

Look forward to the next post .. More moments will be share .:)
Sharing The Love :)


  1. congrats!!!!! :)
    lovely baby...

  2. tahniahhhhhh..
    bestnya dah ada baby.. :)
    moga semuanya ok..

  3. Aril Fattah?
    nama macam kat drama cinta buat emelda.. hehe
    btw, nice name..
    congrats sis :)
    be a good mommy yaa :)

  4. yeahh..i miss u sis....hee..anyway, so cute la baby ni...=)

  5. Tahniah sis.. sama km pnya bulan lahir tau, bln mei..hehe
    sy bru scan hr tu, baby boy jg konon, but xmau tmpau
    confident nti lain2 pula yg kuar..hhhe

  6. Congrats on your new family addition!

  7. congrats dear!!! i am hapi for u.. take care ya.. :D


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