Tips For Make Baby's EyeLashes Long & Thick

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This tips has long been passed down from my ancestors to the present generation from my mom until us..However, my mom did'nt practice this to us since we all still baby..huhuhu..Until my sister done it to her son and daughter,she(sister) remembered what our mom told us when our grandma told her(mom) since she still young long time ago..My sister practiced it since she's first got son..hehehe..

I told myself,I 'll do the same when I have a child soon,and now I have my lovely Baby Aril,even though he is a boy does'nt means he can't have a long eyelashes and thick right?..Comel apa,a boy have that tau..jejeje:)
Aku Ada , Kau Ada ? :P )
Tips for this include:

  • Mother's Milk ~ Mom said,before the baby to be bathed,apply the breast milk to baby's eyelashes.Don't be too long otherwise ants will turn to baby's eyes..huhuhu!!

My sister tried it to my son, and we noticed that it thickens.I tried it again and we noticed the obvious lengthening of my little baby’s eyelashes… and I do love it.

  • Cut- Off Slight That Eyelashes ~ Cut a little baby's eyelashes. Do it when the baby is sleeping tau.Afraid will cut the other part pulak. You know lah baby is so very nimble when they conscious,especially baby boy,very active movement.Cut the eyelashes once a month during baby's first year,until preferred length and thickness achieved..

I don’t know if there is any scientific explanation about this..Hmm does'nt matter lah kan,as long as my little baby' eyeslashes is beautiful..hahaha!!!!

You're not blessed with a beautiful long eyelashes? Blame your mom! (just kidding)
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