Spending Ramadhan With My Son

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Fasting years ago,I've spent most of time all alone.My husband worked in rural areas..(Orang Sabah panggil Kem).He only went home once every 2 weeks.But this year I am not alone, because I spent fasting with new people in my family,My BB Aril..

Ramadhan this time is indeed different from the previous indiscriminately,I do freely wake up as I please,morning meal without having to fear anything.But now, I have to wait for Aril, sleep soundly.Only then I can prepare the meal for sahur.However Aril is kind of easily startled, so I got to be careful with the crockery in the kitchen during cooking, so I'm not surprised Aril from his sleep otherwise he will cry loudly..huhuhu..

Aril does'nt like sleeping in a swing at night,only daytime..(macam tau² jak dia mama nya ada di rumah waktu malam),He is really loves to sleep while I nursed him in a lying position..(nah apalagi!,mamanya pun ikut tidur sekali lah..:P)..When I wake up, Aril also awoke from his sleep because he would be looking for his milk and maybe he will feel that his mother no longer with him or feel afraid kot?..(ada² jak si Aril ni).

During sahur time,Aril there in my lap to nursed while I was eating..hehehe!! (mang tak mau rugi anak bertuah ni)..and that's how my Sahur goes,and so on.All things that happened is something new for me.Although sometimes, I felt better with no children at all,so my daily life will be back to normal..But when I saw my BB Aril naughtiness, makes me forget all the complexities that hit me..

Its fun saw my bb grow-up like a champion.When he's awake,I made him to get sleep.When he's sleep, I made him wake up.Aril enjoyed quiet time,I made him to cry.Then he's crying,I went to persuade him to stop crying..Aril went up surprised with affection his mom shown to him. Aril Oh Aril !!..

In this free opportunity, I apologize for all my faults against the companions of all the reader. Although promised by Allah s.w.t. be forgiveness in Ramadan, but is wrong for others to be forgiven by his own fellow human beings. Ramadan al-approval in conjunction with this, I request prayer for me and my family benefit from the companions of the exalted reader.

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Happy Ramadan al-Mubarak! May Ramadan this time to give meaning to our lives..Amin!!
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  1. :)

    sy tumpang gmbira bca post sis.. ^^

    kirim slm baby ya..:)))


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