Eid Days Preparation

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Another a week to go we will have a month of Shawwal, the month which certainly gives me a headache thinking about the preparation of Eid later :-(). Yes, when just ahead of the feast arrived, many people will complain until sweat thinking about the preparations for Hari Raya. There is a lot of money needed for this Raya.

  • Money Packet( Duit Raya) for my siblings,nephew's,niece's and those kids come to house for Eid..Luckily BB Aril still baby..huhu.
  • Money to buy the materials to make cookies raya, for the open house, charity & pilgrimage.
  • Money to buy new clothes,three of us this year.(a pair is not enough .... at least 3 pairs),new clothes for my little siblings & my parents,(Don't have Mertua,because my husband was an orphan since he was child.:().   
  • Purchase of goods for the preparation of Eid and various decorative accessories for the house.
  • Money to alms (berzakat).
Is not mean that I don't concerned about fasting.It a MUST. But what I want to share here is the importance of early planning and preparation for the feast to come. If you do not really plan and save for later Eid budget,(mang ndak beraya lah tahun ni)..:)

Frankly I said,I myself facing this financial problems everytime feast like this to come.Made me dizzy to think of a sum of money to be used for a feast.Luckily I just have one child..I can't imagine how my both parents support us nine siblings every year to prepared for Eid..Thank you mom,..Thank you Dad..!!

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Tomorrow is Sunday,I've planned to go to the Harbour Mall for shopping new clothes for us and the kids (my little siblings)..Surely tomorrow the road is congested with cars,stalls on the street and crowded with those people who's going to shopping as well..

A little advice from me,Be careful with your hand bag, because in this situation many thieves wandering anywhere in the city..
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  1. happy becoming Eid Day (:


  2. @athirah Same with you dear..Happy Eid in advance..:P


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