Pool Time With My Son

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Yesterday,I decided to bring the kids to pool nearby,due to weather isn’t to good in the morning to go Indah Jaya Recreational Club,it was my friend recommended me to go there..”Siuk vha sana”,she said..However, the weather in that morning, seem do not allow us to go there..Perhaps soon will be..

I woke the kids up and made them breakfast. Shooed them off have their bath and whispered to Mina, my sister, to pack their things. I Didn't tell them about this earlier because I can't stand the endless, "Mami,bila kita mau pegi?"or "Mami ,cepat lah kita pegi",maybe "Lambat nya mami ni?" kinda questions if is revealed sooner..Mami,is way the kids call my name instead of Auntie.

We left home at 10 a.m,as the pool nearby and only a 5 min walk to get there.Aril is the happiest kids that day, because he really like went to a walk by his stroller.

We reached the pool at 10:05 a.m..”Yippie!!!,kami mandi swimming pool”..The kids were so excited at the sight of the pools,Straight they changed into their swimming attire.

2013-04-21 10.13.55
Aril with Aunt Mina
2013-04-21 10.14.22
Haiyya Kak Mira halang..
2013-04-21 10.14.55
My Aril look happy played with water
This pool established since I was kid until now,I still remembered my mom always took us.And now,my turn bring my son here..hehehe:).Even though the pool is kinda looks too old,but there are still many who have come here in weekend..

2013-04-21 10.15.28
Flushed With Water
2013-04-21 10.23.33
Me & My Aril
2013-04-21 10.24.20

Its good,occasionally take the children to go to a place they love as well can strengthen the relationships with our children.

2013-04-21 10.40.08
Aril ate Choco Bar
2013-04-21 10.40.27
Milan scare to jump
2013-04-21 10.40.32
Aril With Kak Mira
2013-04-21 10.42.57
Aril,Kak Mira & Kak Mirna
After about an hour and half in the pool, I bundled the kids out as it started to drizzle a little. Changed them into dry clothes.Although I know, they have not been satisfied yet playing in the pool,I insist them to come out ,but then I ‘ve promise I will bring them back to pool again soon.

2013-04-21 11.05.57
Tired & Sleepy
It seems rain was about to fall,I'm afraid that the kids would be sick later.Furthermore, Aril looks tired and sleepy..Let’s go home kids.

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