Best Therapy Releasing Tension

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On this weekend,we usually like to do things that we so love to get rid of tension.Somes go to shoppings,go hang-out with friends,family or their loved ones,go to picnic,walk in sight seeing or joy riding and so much more.

And for me that has become a mother now and also a working mother,I prefer spend time with my the one and only lil man.Only with this weekend,I just got a long time to be with him, instead of public holidays.

The times I still single mingle lainlah..All I do is went to downtown,do some shopping ( sikit2 lah ),and never missed to have lunch at KFC.It a must thing I have to do before went home…hahaha!!!!..even until now..

Alright back to our topic..Why do I said the best therapy to release tension ? ..What is it anyway ? & How to do it ? ..

Actually,The best therapy I mean is to be with my son..When I Think of him,I automatically smile.The things he does brings a smile on my face, every things he trys to attempt is cute.& I know sometimes times get tough for him but I know in the end he can get through it without any hassles.Its make me smile,how much fun it is to watch him "firsts" and help him learn new things.He is the only man that get rid away all my sadness thus released my tension.

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He’s are the reason I wake up early everyday.Bite or by slap me on my face just want to wake me up,With his cute words saying “ Mamam”means he would like me to feed him..Surely he can make my day.

My son are a blessing to me and my family & I’m so proud to be his mother.He's one of the best things had ever happen to me.I love every moment of being a mother and I cant imagine life without my son.

And that's how I get rid of my tension in my own way..:)

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