Preparation For Eid 1434

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This year, unlike last year's preparations..(Buat ala kadar saja).This weekend,I plan to go town buy some new clothes for my son as well for the feast preparation..I’ve got to go this weekend,because next week is the last week of Ramadhan & will be crowded with people who go buy their own preparations.I do not want to make ​”last minute” preparations anyway..I am not fully housewife,time that there was not enough.

Eid celebrations every year now does more for my son. For me, my child is more important and I want him happily celebrating Eid..Adults like us, did not think much about clothes and so on. As long as my son has..

This year we choose a red color theme for Eid..

Playing with his tab (Watching ABC's Video)

My Son

Shirts-2 pieces   - Already bought

Pants 2 pieces  - 1 pc more (1 pc - Already bought )

Baju Melayu 2 pieces – 1 pc more ( 1 pc -Baju Melayu last years still can use this year)

Sandal – Already bought

Songkok – Not yet buy ( tu pun if ada size lah)

Sampin – Not yet buy (teringin sangat nak tengok my son

wear that)


Peplum dress 2 pieces – Not yet buy (1 pc-Already bought)

Hijab 2 pieces – Already bought

Shoes -No need to buy, last year have still wearable shoes.

Handbag – Already bought

Because, my husband @ dad not spent this year with us for some reason.So to him, save for next year..hehehe :)


Though I’m busy working, but in bab baking, a must-every year..hahahah!!!!!..the cookies will be made this year are as follows;

  1. Kuih Makmur 
  2. Batang Buruk
  3. Daisy Cookies
  4. Cornflakes Cookes
  5. Nutella Pinwheel Cookies –(New Recipe)
  6. Snow Almond cookies


This weekend plan to settle it..:)


Curtain –  Completed Sewing

Cushion – Already bought

These two things have to change each year, due to we’re a big family & I got so many nephews & nieces like to play on a cushion so that it is easy to fade and look old..huhuhu..

Eid Ang-pow

Hmm..not sure yet,but I already change money at the bank earlier just in case I’ve changed my mind…

That’s it !!!

Alhamdulillah !!..most of the preparations for this year's Raya was ready.

Entry this time was very long,I purposely to do so because I rarely post updates..(lenguh jari jemari saya typing.uhuk!)..Time passes so quickly.Today Day 16 of ramadhan..However,boost deeds in this blessed month.

pink01  Happy Fasting !!!
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