My Baby Grow Too Fast

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Eating Fried Chicken
He is now growing too fast.My little boy is no longer a baby. It seems like just yesterday I placed him in my arms..kissed him..hug him..hold him tightly..hold his tiny hands ..cuddling him.

And now,He's 1 year & 2 months old.
Now he has 4 teeth, & more 2 is on the way..He is almost talking " hi' while waving his hand.He can recognized me as his mother and gets excited.

He's started walked straight without fall down & I'll think soon he will run and will be hard for me to catch him..

While Shopping his dress

Alhamdullilah..It's. been a year now I became a mother ..what a wonderful feelings..there's no words can described how I feeling.

I'm not going to lie and say this isn't hard..It's bittersweet to see my baby growing so rapidly but also to know I will never have this time back again.

At some point I realized that I just had to accept the fact that my baby wasn't a baby anymore and everyday he would grow a little bigger.All children grow up no matter how much we don't want them to..

No matter how old he will, He will always be my baby ever..

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