DIGI Training For New Plan Launching

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Since there's a new plan launching beberapa hari yang lepas, so today training attendance  is required for all dealer's which will be held at Digi training office under Cityphone Marketing Sdn Bhd , just a few minits to walk by from my workplace.

Training starting at 1pm. saya keluar office waktu lunch, and having my meals at Mac Donald.Teringin sangat nak makan something crunchy and spicy walaupun that time , It feels awkward because saya seorang sahaja..hahaha!! .. I just go..go.. fighting, penting dapat puaskan hati..

I was arrived around 12:50 pm , ramai yang belum sampai ..It was only me and another staff inside the room.
After all the dealer's & staff arrived, then training is mulai  at 1:10 pm. 10 min late,.. Saya pun dah hampir nak tidur masa tue,.Tue lah awal sangat sampai, I should go window shopping first before so that tidak mengantuk. Patutnya saya datang sharp 1 pm, take a seat and start the training.. But it just an expectation and it was'nt happen as my expectation anyway. So pengajaran nya , don't expect ok because ;

Expectation is the mother of all frustration

Our Oppa Lee (Spokesman) :P
Lelaki yang cute ala-ala kpop kat atas tue, our spokesman Mr.Lee , kenal semasa dia bekerja dengan Tunetalk pada tahun 2010, then bertukar telco ke Hotlink pulak pada tahun 2011 dan kekal sehingga kini dengan Digi. Still single-mingle , entah kenapa.. memilih sangat kot ..Hikhik!

Yet the food looks temptingly delicious
Training this time ,only takes about an hour . because the process & registration keep remains,only the rate plan details have changed. We get dismissed early and the management had offer us for Tea Time, before we leave. Since I was a huge fan of foodie's , of course, why not ..

Before I leave , sempat lagi si kawan "Tapawkan" my officemate. satu jenis tiap kuih.. Kaw Hado ? hahaha..

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