My Supermoon Rises Over My Balcony

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Today headline, "Supermoon". The world is about to see the historic brightest supermoon for almost 70 years.So you really don't want to miss this one as this is the closest the moon will get to Earth until 25 November 2034.

My favorite nature when I looked up the sky at night

View from Balcony

Supermoon covered  by cloud 

All talking about it, made me run out of our balcony and look up to the sky with my cheap camera on hand and keep waiting for the supermoon best position to captured..hahaha!!!

So here is my supermoon tonight, not as enormous as I thought it was but a very fascinating.I'm not good with photography but I like these three among the number of shots I took with my camera earlier.. its about 20!!

Did you catch the amazing Supermoon sight tonight?

Finally get to see the most beautiful moon ever in my life..Subhanallah!

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  1. Had miss it due to heavy cloud last night, need to wait until 2034 to see it again.


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