The Hectic Week But It's Fun

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Greetings All ..

How's are bloggers that I love? Sure you wonder where I disappear, right?  Actually since 3 weeks , I was very busy at the office.So no time even want to open blog.what more to post..even want to reply to my friends email is too hard ..
Since my colleagues resigned .. I am the one who only prepared all the official work.too many abandoned works, and papers piled on desks, All I did just sat in front of computer and typed dozen of document until the evening. Even office hours end ,I did not remember to go home. Luckily my husband was not home, He 's outstation for work.Surely the man must be mad when he find out that I am too workaholic.He does not like it, afraid to get sick of his beloved wife.

Besides the tons of work to complete it, I had to teach the new
employees In, all kinds to impart to the new employees .. Just finished SPM, must understand, there is no work experience at all.. Her first job,so lots of thing going to explain.

After that,
My biggest disappointment, my blog is infected with malware.Oh come On ! It took so long to beautify my blog , with the ease with which they are not heartless pleasing easier destroy my blog.Huhuhuhu .. .. I really do not know. Fortunately, there are bloggers who told me about my blog malware infection.I was damned shocked when i found out.Thanks to Mariane.

That's why you see my blog is different now. I edit again.I was forced to off my blog for a while to improve the blog.Because I do not want other bloggers will also be infected if they get into my blog ..
So now, my blog has been healthy from malware infection .. I am very happy despite having to waste time anymore to edit all ..Even though this blog is no longer as beautiful as before .. Ahaks! [My blog]am happy to said what I want to say. do not be jealous hikhik !!!!!.

Ok .. till here it is, too tired wrote down..

Till next chika..Pink Diva is signing Off..

No matter how busy I am though, I am pleased that my work place is so peace. There is no pressure I'm facing. My Boss is a nice and kind to their employees. I am grateful to the Almighty Allah S.W.T because I got a job here..
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  1. comel.. jarang dapat lihat template blog mcm ni.

  2. @Mata Hati
    thanx..ur blog pun ok ape..simple juz like the owner..hehe

  3. @Pink Diva
    Unique sungguh blog anda.

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