• I usually plan on setting aside one or two days a month to take my son on a date or do something special with him.,certainly in Sunday or Public Holidays. .
  • Spent time with my boy was the most happiest moment.
  • Every day should be mother,Mother is the biggest gift of god to all human being.Believe it or not she is the real queen she protect her child and not mean..So love your mother ..

Choc Moist Kek

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Resipi Asal & Photo : Hja Ana Asmad

 ⏰ Cook Time : 60 Minit (Depends with Oven masing2)

🍰 Bahan-Bahan

πŸŽ€ 2 cawan Tepung gandum
πŸŽ€ 1 cawan Minyak masak
πŸŽ€ 1 cawan Susu pekat
πŸŽ€ 1 cawan Air panas
πŸŽ€ 1 cawan Serbuk koko
πŸŽ€ 1/2 cawan Gula
πŸŽ€ 1 sudu  Esen vanila
πŸŽ€ 1 sudu Soda bicarbonate
πŸŽ€ 1 sudu Baking powder
πŸŽ€ 2 Biji telur

🍫Topping Coklat :

πŸŽ€ 1/2 cawan Serbuk koko
πŸŽ€ 1/2 cawan Susu pekat
πŸŽ€ 2 sudu Minyak masak
πŸŽ€ Sedikit Susu cair atau air

Cara-cara nya :

🍴Blend kan telur,esen vanila , gula hingga kembang masukan susu mix lagi,masukan pula minyak mix sebati.

🍴Ayakkan tepung bersama serbuk koko , baking powder dan soda bicarbonate baru dicampurkan dengan bahan mix tadi bersama air panas sedikit2 hingga habis
kacau bagi rata dan sebati.

🍴Masukan dalam loyang/acuan yang disapu minyak dulu bakar dengan suhu 160'
selama 1 jam atau hingga kek masak .Bergantung pada oven masing2
(Pastikan oven dipanaskan dulu).


🍴Kacau semua bahan diatas api kecil hingga likat dan berkilat tuangkan keatas kek tadi perlahan2 dan hiaskan ikut kreativiti masing2.

"Selalunya kek tak menjadi ,tapi bila ikut resipi akak ni memang sedap.Tak sempat nak ambik gambar pun.Si kicik tak sabar nak makan. So fikir nak sharing juga lah,sekaligus embed dalam blog ni untuk rujukan di masa depan.."

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Photos | Gelagat Anak² Pada Hari Pertama Sesi Persekolahan 2017

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5 Januari bermulanya sesi persekolahan baru bagi semua sekolah² PASTI di Sandakan.Selamat bersekolah buat semua adik²,Semoga menjadi anak-anak yang soleh dan solehah.

Berikut gambar sekitar hari pertama persekolahan di PASTI Saidina Uthman : ( Sumber Gambar : PASTI Saidina Uthman )

Aril and the geng

Comel² jak semua anak² ni,macam² gaya dan karenah..I wonder,akak semasa kecik dulu macam mana lah yerk?.. hahaha!!

Okbai Sekian..

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My Last Working Day | 31.12.2016

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After almost a 6 great years,Today is a special day for me,which is today is my last working day.It’s been a memorable journey filled with numerous types of customers,great former and present colleagues,unforgettable voyages,lots of hard work, number of successful projects and plenty of fun along the way.It may sound like a clichΓ©,but it was simply more than a job for me!

Selfie sakan for our last day
On top of that,my work here has shaped me into a person I am today and for that I’ll be forever grateful. But first,now it’s time for a farewell mini party with my colleague and then I’ll be going for 1 to 3 month rest to fully recharge before the fresh start.So,I’ll continue my career change for more challenges.

Simple Cake
Fast Food On the go
Now it’s simply time for fresh challenges in order to write a new chapter in my book of life.I’m so excited about the new adventures may come for me in the future.

My Amigas Partner In Crime..hahaha!!!

Once again, I would like to THANK YOU all for making this story special in one way or another and looking forward to stay in touch. All the best!

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Lanun Cafe Sandakan | 3 Beranak Melanun

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Afew days ago,we went to one hot cafe in town,"Lanun Cafe"located at Bandar Utama,exactly behind the Giant Hypermarket here in Sandakan,my Hasrat yang sekian lama,akhirnya hari ini menjadi kenyataan.Padahal cafe,hanya beberapa langkah sahaja dari tempat kerja.Hahaha!!Dasar pemalas betul.

Since bapa Aril is in town,so I decided to went there lagipun once a month,Bapa Aril pulang ke rumah.Oleh kerana bekerja di kawasan pendalaman,So kira we rarely spend our ber-3 time together.

Well,we were not there for sightseeing.So let’s move on to the food.They got varieties of menu,If you like fruit juice,waffles and ice-cream.You should come,this is the right place you're looking for.Most of the lanun drinks menu is a biggie cup,so we just order 1 cup for two of us.While waiting for my husband order,I started with a chocolate shake and It came with a cute vanilla blend art on top of it.For my little man,he prefer for chocolate Ice-Cream,never missed that actually.

Choc Blend With Vanilla
Ice-Cream Choc
Beef Soup With Rice

At first,we ordered 4 item but only 3 item shows up.Luckily my son complaining,asking where the other food for him the French Fries.It's too late already that time,so nevermind lah anak,I'll just buy you other time.My husband told the crew to get the bill.Since the receipt didn't indicate any description except item code and the price only.I doubt it,so I rather asked the crew by myself,And YES!,as I expected they charged me the french fries and twice for the drinks.Ok find,I'm not so very cerewet anyway,beside the crew already admit his mistakes,no one is perfect after all, right?.Just print me back other receipt.Not a good experience as start but it's ok.

So here's I listing down the Pros & Cons of this cafe,as mine review.

A quite & cozy cafe with the creative decor design.
A cute and nicely served decorated drinks and foods.
A Special place to chill out with your amiga's or amigo's.
A great eating,meeting or lepaking venue any time of the day.

Not a a friendly menu book,which is hard to choose without image attached to it.
Official receipt lack of description,order item should be indicated on it.
Crew member,should be more sensitive with customer's order to avoid missing order.
Smiley and other pillow cushion by the corner seats cleanliness must prevail time by time.

So overall,it was good lah ! I bet it’s super romantic to come here for a date.And all the decor here were just too pretty for words.Crew member was average,food and drinks taste yummy and decorate nicely,Happy Tummy! .

Done of my review yang tak berbayar ni..Sekian dan sekian..Okbai!

Lanun Cafe Sandakan, Sabah
Time: 11.00 am until 11.00 pm

Alamat: Utama Place KM6, Jalan Utara, 90000 Sandakan Sabah [Behind Giant Hypermarket]
Contact Number: 012-878 9614

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