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Child abuse has become a daily reality for many children around the world. It affects children of all ages, cutting across all ethnic groups, nationalities and social contexts. Children face the risks of abuse in many situations and aspects of their lives.

Abuse violates children's rights to health, development and dignity, and destroys their lives. The impact and consequences endure long after the abuse has occurred and victims often experience life-long effects.

Crazy! emonya saya
I am grateful to have been born in a harmonious family,supplied with religious education, although sometimes drifting here and there but still have strong roots to hold back on track and back.Out there are too many of thirst and lack of knowledge and awareness of the unity and faith.Until willing to do what is worse, more cruel than beasts.

sexual abusing is the most cruel for me.My tears flowing when I heard or read about such things.

Sexual abuse of children is one of child abuse, and refer to any treatment of individuals who coerce, deceive, or intimidate the child that drives the sexual relationship with them, merely to satisfy the sexual desires.

Child sexual abuse includes:

Inserting objects or body parts into the vagina, mouth or anus,

Touch your private parts,
Showing pornographic materials to children.,
Taking pictures of children in sexual acts,
Encourage children to watch or listen to the sexual act,
Making obscene telephone calls,
Rubbing and exhibit pornographic actions,
Perform oral sex,

The incidence of child abuse has occurred in cases involving very heartbreaking.

Lost Cases of children, Nurin Jazlin, 8 years reported on August 20, 2007 after going to the night market alone near her home. On 20 September 2007, ie 30 days after his disappearance, the bodies of girls found in suitcases by an employee of a shop in Jalan PJS 1 / 48, Petaling Utama confirmed as Nurin.

A 10-year-old girl believed killed after rape in turn by three men, including a security guard at the 52-year-old electrical substation control booth Tenaga Nasional Berhad, the body of the victim, Nurul Huda Ghani, grade 4 students Tiram Duku Primary School has been found in naked bicycle while engaged in a hut outside the booth.

In January 2004, Harirawati Saridi, 10 years old, was found dead on the way to school. He is believed to have been raped and murdered in Kampung Ratau, Menggatal, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Another child, Nurul Huda Abdul Ghani was found in a weakened state after the strangled, raped and sodomized in a security booth in the village of TNB Rekajang, Tanjung Kupang, Gelang Patah, Johor

Malaysian society today is faced with the increasing abuse treatment. Children aged 6 to 17 years are exposed to various forms of maltreatment, particularly emotional and mental.
Article "Understanding child abuse to the stabilization of the Child Act 2001" provides a number of factors that affect this case. 

Among them is the relationship with the perpetrator of the abuse perpetrator.include the relationship of parents, brothers, uncles and so forth. There is a fairly strong connection between the relationship with the perpetrator of abuse, especially physical abuse. Between mothers and fathers, mothers found more associated with the abuse because they are in charge and discipline of children. While the sexual abuse, the father and step-parents more often, namely 51.5 percent.

In addition, the age of the perpetrator. Studies in the West shows that over 62 percent of participants aged 30 years and below. In fact, their actions more than five times the actors age 31 to 50 years.

Among the factors that contribute to this behavior are: 

a high rate is probably much easier for young people to violence, 
exposure to a misunderstanding when early marriage, 
youth and young parents with small children at risk of abuse , and 
trend may be a new practice in today's society.

In addition, marital status abuser.Found that abuse is more often the victims when their parents are in the process of divorce, seeking a place to express their anger, frustration and revenge. Thus the child is in a very difficult conflict in their lives.

As a result, the educational level of secondary education abuser.Man more frequently abused because of depression is higher among school leavers. Those who could not find employment or income is less than the need to raise the children put pressure on his capacity as head of the family. Actors who are highly educated have no problem to get treatment at private clinics because they can afford.

The type of work is one perpetrators of the atrocities.Unemployment factor is a problem for young families. Pressure to live without working make panic and have to give thought to a disorder.Here the children are the victims. If there is no work, stress at work was the factor to this abuse.

Abuse housing types are also more common in slum areas and long houses. In slum areas, for example, the house is too tight and narrow road causing a child may be sexually abused.
Slum residents sometimes have to share a bathroom area that is exposed to the spying and taking advantage.In addition, the network sosial.
Neighbor and relatives are examples of social networks that exist within the community. The frequency of visiting, helping and working to make the relationships among social groups stronger and stronger.

However, life in the city that is more open to make a basic family is the best choice. However, the basic family of children no longer know, grandparent, uncle or aunt who have a relationship with them.There are many factors that lead to child abuse occurs. Relationship perpetrator and the victim can elaborate patterns of abuse that can be identified.

For cases involving Nurin, actors clearly had the intention of torturing the victim ..Murder has caused many people can not sleep because it involved torture and murder planned heartbreaking.

Abuse of any kind is an act which has the aim to destroy, injure or kill. Performers such as this should not be left free. This is enough to give a strong message to the public to view the sexually abused participants tracked, captured and brought to justice.

The situation of child abuse in Malaysia has reached alarming proportions. We, as a community, need to work together to check this trend and to end child abuse through:

    Increased public awareness and debate of the issue at all levels;
    Deeper engagement, commitment and involvement in the cause;
    Being active and proactive, and not keeping silent about abuse.

We need to work together to protect children in Malaysia and we encourage you

Lastly, Al-Fatihah to those who are victims of abuse, as well as small children who are victims of human greed thrown without mercy.

"Children are a gift of God to us, so we have to take care and give them proper instruction"
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