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The Philippines is one of the most beautiful places you will ever go. This country is regarded as the Pearl of the Orient because of its natural beauty, charm and grandeur.

Because of its scattered islands, the Philippines is never short of wonderful and fantastic places to go. It is blessed with beautiful coastlines and unspoiled beaches, and brimming with velvety white sand beaches surrounded by azul and crystal clear waters.

If you option for the greenery and scenery, then you will not be disappointed with the picturesque hills, captivating plateaus and forests rich with rare and exotic wild life.

For a taste of history, the Philippines has a number of preserved spots and areas that mirror the colonial regimes of Spain, Japan and America.

If all of these are not enough, shop to your heart's delight in this country's numerous malls and flea markets.

To cap it all off, Filipinos are known all over the world for their hospitality and friendliness.

So what are you waiting for? Get on that plane and head to the wonder of Asia, the Philippines!

To make your visit more exciting, here is a top ten list of must see places in the Philippines;


Manila Bay is a natural harbor which serves the Port of Manila (on Luzon), in the Philippines. The bay is considered to be one of the best natural harbors in Southeast Asia and one of the finest in the world.It is said to have the most beautiful sunset view in the world. In fact, this spot has inspired a number of artists and writers to create masterpieces. One of the most powerful pictures of this place moved a writer to describe it as "the place where the sun kisses the ocean."

As the bright afternoon turns into dusk, adults and children alike gather in Manila bay to witness a spectacle of colors. The bright blue sky turns a soft glow of orange, then it transforms to red, then yellow until it fades to deep purple.

The World's Top 3 Largest shopping centre.
Includes the first Olympic-sized swimming pool and first IMAX theater in the Philippines.Spread over four buildings, customers can get around on a 20-seat tram.If you love shopping, then you better head to one of the largest malls in the world: Mall of Asia!

As the name suggests, Mall of Asia is popular for its massive size. It boasts a floor area of 386, 224 square meters and is occupied by more than 600 shops and 150 dining establishments. It is also complete with facilities like an Olympic-size skating rink as well as an IMAX theater for movie lovers.

Shoppers will surely find something that will quench their thirst for fashion, accessories, gadgets and even food!

Because of its huge area, the mall offers its customers a 20 seat tram that goes through the different areas of this one-of-a-kind mall.


When you want to relax and get away from the summery climate of the metro, then head to Baguio for a cooler atmosphere.

Baguio is referred to as the "Summer Capital of the Philippines". It is renowned for its beautiful parks like Camp John Hay, Wright Park and Burnham Park. This place is also filled with towering pine trees plus views studded with plants and flowers.

During February, Baguio is flocked by visitors who want to behold a flower festival called "Panagbenga" which literally means "blooming of flowers."


Banaue Rice Terraces, which is also referred to as "Hagdan Hagdang Palayan," is also found in the Philippines. It is widely regarded as the 8th wonder of the world because of its magnificence and grandeur.

A mountain formed by traversing stairs, Banaue Rice Terraces is a 2,000-year old landmark, carved by the Ifugao natives.

This man made structure is also known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Bohol is one of the loveliest islands of the Philippines. It is full of diverse wildlife and lush green forests as well as blue beaches. A popular attraction in this province is the world renowned Chocolate Hills. This tourist spot is composed of more than 1,200 perfect cone shape hills, which are, unusually, all the same size! The name Chocolate Hills was derived from the color of the hills. During the summer the green grass that covers the hills turns brown.

The true attraction here is that these lush green and brown hills are not manmade, but are, in fact, a masterpiece of nature!



If you are wondering what the Philippines looked like during the Spanish regime, then you should pack your bags and head to Vigan.

Vigan is a World Heritage Site, renowned for a perfectly intact Spanish architecture. Experience what it was like to walk during the great times of Spanish era as the streets of Vigan are laid with cobblestones. The entire town is also fused with unique and elegant architectural designs.

There are also "calezas" or carriages that complete the experience


Cebu, or the "Queen City of the South," is definitely a great place to go to in the Philippines. This region is a fantastic fusion of urban metro and rural province. Cebu is filled with breathtaking beaches colored by the clear blue sea and powdery sands. Enjoy yourself in its serene cool waters or you frolic in the sun while beholding the captivating horizon.

If you head to the city, you will be welcomed by skyscrapers, malls and hotels!


You haven't seen paradise until you have arrived on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Boracay!

It is not surprising that the seas of Boracay have been named several times as the world's loveliest beach. Who wouldn't fall for its azul waters lined by velvety white sand?

After you've enjoyed the beach, treat yourself to a palatable experience as there are numerous restaurants that serve authentic Filipino dishes while some offer a fusion of Asian and European cuisines.

At night, you can party your heart out as the picturesque and quite beach is transformed into one big party place!


If there is one world to best describe Palawan it would be the world magical. Indeed Palawan tops our list as its exotic beauty remains unparalleled! It is a sanctuary graced by spectacular lime stone formations and cliffs. To top it off, Palawan is laced with emerald clear waters unlike any other.

Among the most popular resorts include El Nido, Coron and the world class and exclusive Amanpulo.

This relaxing place is also abundant with rare flora and fauna.


Zamboanga  is also known for "Asia's Latin City". the country where I once lived for almost 5 years to further my studies at the Universidad de Zamboanga.
In fact Zamboanga City is closer to Malaysia and Indonesia than it is to Manila.

In Zamboanga many wonderful places of interesting, especially its beaches.When I was studying,Over the weekend, me and my friends will go for a picnic to relieve stress after studying all days.. hehe..
It seems that all the beaches in Zamboanga, we had already gone.

Santa Cruz Island is one of Zamboanga City´s pride.Santa Cruz Islands are known for their "pink sand beach" and best for snorkeling and scuba diving.
Santa Cruz Island is located 4 km south of downtown Zamboanga City, on the Basilan strait ( Place of Origin my parents).

The sumptuous yet very affordable sea foods, Chabacano (which is the only Spanish Creole in Asia) and the mestizas. To the young ones though, Zamboanga city only brings terrorism into mind. 

The place where my friends and I will hang out after the show program at the College.while eating "Tempura"and looking at the vast area of ocean.

 The historic City Hall is a sight to behold every night, as colorful, glowing and beautiful lights fill its facade, making Zamboanga an icon of prosperity, joy and celebration.(Picture Taken During Christmas 2009).

Thousands view the spectacular fireworks display amidst the glowing giant Christmas tree at the Plaza Pershing..

This one is the University Place I've learned in the year 2001 - 2006,
Universidad de Zamboanga (UZ) is a private university in Zamboanga City, Philippines.It was formerly known as Zamboanga A.E. Colleges (ZAEC)until it was changed to Universidad de Zamboanga in 2005, the year it was granted university status.I am also proud to be a student here.

Zamboanga is best ..
I really miss the place.

Miss all my friends..
So Happening  .. So Amazing..

It's beautiful scenery this place is it? ..
What Wait no more, you quickly booked tickets lah  go to the Philippines for Holiday...taraaaaa!!!
Enjoy the view ..!

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  1. I have been so fortunate to have been born in Baguio and to have grown up in Cebu. At least I can say that I've been to two of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. My next target destinations are Palawan and Vigan. By the looks of it Vigan seems to be a paradise for history and culture buffs like me

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  4. What a interesting and informative post, I enjoyed this article and all of images are so beautiful.

  5. Omg!! This is really helpful. U was seriously considering going to another country however after reading all this, y would I want to go anywhere else. I have a ticket for plan of 3.5 weeks in Philippines. I may have to change my ticket but thank u so much for this

    Please help out anymore is u can


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