Chocolate Oh! Chocolate

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Hi Its me again ....
Why it seems more often I will update the blog lately ...I wonder why oh..ok whatever lah kan..

This morning, all of a sudden my cousin called me on my mobile phone.I was also surprised, afraid of any thing that happened to her.(Ish ridiculous thoughts pula.).Her Name Rhidzka ,but I call her Kang or Rhidz in short..

Actually, she wants to send the goods (via Airpak)to someone in Johor Baharu, gifts perhaps,on behalf one of my cousin.
As she also wants to meet me,seems she miss me too kot..hikhik!!
Its been a while since we last met,exchange stories about whatever happen in our lives.We used to joking around,laughing together and play together (playing is not as you think,ok)Don't be naughty tau..huhu!!

As usual,when we both  met,We will do the routine as before..Talking about the chismis,news update,laughing,joking,gossiping people and much more..(ala'biasalah kaum wanita,everyone does pun.)ngeee...
Got to talk to talk,until we did not realize her friends had arrived to pick her back..Before she stepped out,she has produced a small brown box from her bag.I was wondering what will be inside the small box she gave me..she said "Kan tahun baru sudah,saya mahu kasi ko hadiah ni"..And I replied, "Apa juga tu? " .(dupp .. dupp ... heart beating lah kunuk.)

Jeng .. jeng ..! Surprise!
A small brown box that contains a small cup of chocolate with varied patterns and designs.
So cute ... 

Wow! My favorite chocolate .. yummy!(nah,macam budak sudah).
Although just finished eating,without wasting time, I continue to eat a cup of chocolate. . .hehe(terbarus pula).

For you all guys information,Eating chocolate is its own advantages tau..On my next post i will post all the benefits by eating chocolate.
But do not over-eating tau,Karang your weight loss will be  increased.

It must be great if can make a contest then the prize was this chocolate box..hehe
Who agrees with me raise-up your hands ? jejejeje..

ok la chow luk..See Yah in next episode!!!

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  1. Ya ur welcome my cousin,,,i know its been a long time cant talk with u,,,but i always here to be ur fren..wat ever u r and wat ever sweet like a chocolate

  2. i luv cokelat!! hehehe :)


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