How To Add Print Button On Blog

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To create or display functions / print facility in the blog, we only need to add a very simple javascript and a link that could form the text or picture / image. To create the appearance that looks exciting, Javascript is stored in the tag <body> and </ body> or the like more easily by adding the gadget, please keep in Element page.


1. Click Dasboard

2. Layout (Design): Click Add a Gadget.

3. Add gadgets (Add a Gadget): CLICK HTML / Javascript.

4. Copy And Paste: Place the javascript and HTML code on the  box, then click Save (SAVE).

<a href="javascript:doit()" onclick="showAlert();"><img border="0" src="" /></a>
<script type="text/javascript">
//bgsGR -
function showAlert() {
var massage_bgsGR = "Thank you for your visit. Please click * OK * and then go to print!";
alert('bgsGR ::: Aloha ...! ' + massage_bgsGR + '.');}
function doit(){
if (!window.print){alert('May be useful for you!')

5. Open Blog: See the results by opening the blog.

And You're Done..

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