How To Beautify And Edit Follower Widget

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Did you guyz noticed a change in my Follower widget? not the total of follower yach but its design has changed? This new widgets, more beautiful and more accurate color with my template..hehehe !! Beautiful is'nt it? Anyone want to do it?..Ok,follow my steps [make sure you click on the image to see more clearly] .



Here How To Do It

pink01 First go to the website Google Connect as shown above ... Then click on Get Started.For those who already have straight Sign-In to your account.



pink02 Then select the blog you want to change ..And Click Add The Member Gadgets Refer To The Image shown.


pink04 You can start editing the gadget as you please as you can see on the image below.

gadgets members

pink05 The final part is the generate code.After everything is satisfied, you can press the generate ode.the code will be generated immediately. Be sure to Copy all the code produced.


pink06 Login to Blogspot> click Layout> Add a Gadget> HTML / Javascript. And paste the code you just copy into it ,Save & You’re Done..

Goodluck Guys!!!!
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