1st Wedding Anniversary

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This year has flown by so fast,Alhamdulillah, Allah S.W.T had allowed me to be the wife to my husband who was so kind and patient to serve me from day to day.We are still in the process of get to know each other. In fact, there are some things between us that only we know almost a year after our wedding.But now we do realize that the process of recognizing is a lifelong process.


Thanks to Almighty who set the two of us mate, even presenting it in a way that was not expected at all by us.I get along I was fortunate beings who have received mercy from Allah S.W.T . Thank you Rabbi for the blessings You have given so very meaningful.Although we are the couple who are determined by our both families,Although my husband is not like I have always dreamed of ,And 10 years older than me,Also at first we did not have a sense of mutual love or affection.We often quarrel,like dogs and cats,because we’re not having the same opinion.At first, I think it is only to marry him solely for the joy of my both parents.And now I finally had to accede to whatever fate that we both really been written to become husband and wife.

During the marriage is established, it can not be denied the occurrence of misunderstanding between us.Many of the allegations come at us,hard or easy, we’re confronted together.A year certainly many bitter and sweet that we've gone through and all that made us had mature.All that bring meaning to this sacred bond. There are no words that can be recited and described how thankful I am to have him side on all hard and fun, joy and sorrow.. Our journey has just begun and we certainly expect the Grace of Allah S.W.T shining on our journey until we are united in the eternal paradise..

Practically in the first year anniversary of our marriage, my husband was not here with me today.He was not here together to celebrate this wonderful day with me,To invite me out for dinner, or give me my favorite flower or gift as he promised before our anniversary we will be arriving which its Today.Sad really sad .. no doubt of it!..Because of this happy day,my dear husband is not in sight.But there’s nothing could I do,than shall have to accept it with open hearts.

Actually, my husband spoke first, which will always be a beautiful moment etched in minds. Although my husband has spoke before the date of our anniversary, I still expect there will be a wonderful speech on 18 April 2011.Although a bit early, I am satisfied because my husband had the initiative to commemorate this wonderful day.How sad I was, I still celebrate our day even without my husband with my family .. they gave me a very beautiful cake.
Millions of thanks to my mom, dad and my siblings, also  all my  friends and relatives , That does not forget the date of our wonderful day, thank you for your all support,advice , prayers and gifts given.

Allahumma Ya Allah,Make us husband and wife who loved the stage near and far who love each other in happy and difficult times, that competitiveness in the mellow love and laughter.
Allahumma Ya Allah,give us a united couple as you pleased, and give our Muslim Baitul this track to your love ..
Allahumma Ya Rahman Ya Rahim,there is no two of our dreams but please allow us to meet you owner of the most sublime love also khaatimul anbiya Muhammad al-mustafa (SAW). Ameen, Ameen, Ameen ya robbal 'alameen!

Note : Sorry No photo cake upload,because I forgot to snap pictures,so touched until I realized the cake was eaten already...Hikhik!!!!

Thanx For Reading..:)..
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  1. Thank God , I hope you will always be happy with your husband.Even if you do not love him now, someday it will emerge feeling whatsoever,Insyallah!!

    Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Gurl!!

  2. @Prince_L

    Insyallah I will..thanx for the comment..


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