Dayana Al & Diane Miszy Do LUCKY DRAW!

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Ablog's friend has tagged me to join the contest yesterday.(mentang-mentanglah saya mang suka makan coklat.)By the way thanks Diya Edhayaa for tagged me on.Actually, I also intend to make this kind of contest in conjunction with the 1st anniversary of my blog soon.Where the prize for the contest will be the same as Chocolate this contest as well.It seems that there are earlier than me..hehe..

Nevermind,later I'll think of another prize for my contest later…Does anybody want to join this contest too?


Below Are Details


Must Follow Miszy Dian & Dayana AZ


Create An Entry about this contest (“Dayana AZ dan MiszyDian's buat LUCKY DRAW!'”) as the Title .


Put Along the Banner Image and Link it together


Tag 3 Of Your Blog’s Friend & make sure they know about it


Send Your Name & Link Of Your Entry HERE

For More Information About This Contest Please Refer HERE
Closing Date 29hb April 2011 | 11:59pm 
Friend’s Im goin to Tag’s Are

Till Here Goodluck Guyz!!!
Sharing The Love :)

1 comment:

  1. hi,
    thanks for joining
    'Dayana Az dan Miszy Dian buat LUCKY DRAW!'

    Good Luck :)


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