Secret Engagement

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It is not surprising that the Philippine version of the Mexican telenovela Marimar is now the most popular television show in Malaysia that was popularized by Marian Rivera with his partner Dingdong Dantes.But Its not the topic today.This is all about the relationship the two actors is being gossip.

The humored said ‘Secret Engagement’ of Dindong Dantes and Marian Rivera was magnified after the two went to Hongkong, to celebrate Valentine.

Dindong clarifies the issue that he makes any secret engagement or proposal to his girlfriend, Marian Rivera. He says, ‘not at this time’, because marriage is not yet their priority.

Although, his relationship with Marian is going strong, still they are not yet ready to enter into such commitment.

Dindong Dantes is busy with his TV drama with GMA’s ‘I Heart You Pare’ while Marian has an upcoming teleserye, ‘Amaya’, also with GMA Network.

Dindong Dantes is an actor and model while Marian Rivera is an actress and singer-dancer.

Both are good looking..wish for they happiness and Hopefully they are both enduring relationship until marriage..
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