Jom Heboh Concert 2011 At Sabah

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"Sheng,kenapa ko ndak pigi tue semalam Karnival Jom Heboh,syiuk nya..rugi ko tauk",a words that I received via SMS and email this day...I admit I was jealous,because many of my neighbors,relatives and my friends went to the carnival yesterday which was held at the grounds Likas Stadium, Kota Kinabalu..huhuhu..what can I do,it is not the right time for me to go to the carnival was due to my work at the office.

After all my husband was not at home this time,( berdosa tak mintak izin..hehehe)beside I also asked by both my parents to take care of my teenage brothers and sisters at home during their absence at indeed many it would be better if I'm not going lol..

Personally, I actually had a long wait to attend this Jom Heboh event.I have long longed want to go to this Carnival Jom Heboh live and reality ,not by wathing on Tv's only.Perhaps is my fate of this year I can not watch live..Insyallah next Carnival...

Well,talking about this Carnival,my favorite Singer is there too,Faizal Tahir..How I wish can see him on personal and take some photos with him..jejeje..terlebeh sudah :)I am very interested in this singer since the first time saw him perform on tv's..but no too fanatics him just like more than that..

So for those whom able went there..Your lucky lor..since we did'nt know when it will be come again to perform in Sabah.. Probably it will takes a several years..huhuhu:(

I've heard some humor said there's a fights at Carnival last night..Why?
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  1. iya dear.. sy pun rasa rugi tidak tepigi tu Jomheboh.. tapi apa boleh buat.. sabtu tu ada reunion di likas juga.. masa tu jamm gilakk!! oleh sebab tidak mo menghadap jamm.. so sy pun tengok jomheboh di tV saja la.. huhu

  2. @nowriz

    huhu takper la dear..lau pnjang umo dpt gak kita pi nant..insyallah!!

    Saya pun juz tgk lam tv jak mlm tadi..hehehe:)

  3. sma ar... xleh g sana.. but tgk kat tv lagi best la... hehehe

  4. @Diary oF Mine

    Apsal x leh g sna Dear?..Parents tak allow ker?..hehehe

    Somehow,tgk kat TV ok gak lah ,no need to standing or sitting in a narrow crowded there..hikhik!!!


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