Stomach Oh Stomach !

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I do not know what entry should I post by today,Actually my stomach not very healthy,because yesterday I accidentally ate bread that already expired .From yesterday noon until today, my abdominal pain did not disappear yet.I don't know what is wrong with my stomach lately,I very often got stomach pain and now it's hurting me again..

When I returned home I remember and think back what I had took for breakfast and lunch yesterday until stomach pain does not healing from morning till today.Suddenly, I remembered about a bread that my mom said can not eat anymore and asked my sister to throw it away but my sister forget to do it.

I also wrong because I did not check the expiry date of bread I ate for breakfast yesterday..I just rolled the bread directly into the milk milo I've made and continue to ngapppp!! .. ate it.

Fortunately, I only took 2 loaves of bread , if I eat 3-4 pieces loaves confirmed I already admit in the hospital ..Even now still sick, although I had to drink painkillers..huhuhu:(

Better next time,I should be more carefully when eat anything..:
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