What Grade Your Blog or Web Page?

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Must be among the many bloggers who want to know about the status of their blog, right?Prior to this, there are many websites that provide Services to test the speed, weight and size of your blog or website. But nothing can match the power of the analysis of GTmetrix. GTmetrix not only test the loading speed of your blog, but to state the size of the blog, total weight capacity of the item and your blog.

In short,GTmetrix comprehensive analysis of your blog and give a grade to the blog either grade A, B, C or D. GTmetrix also will list the items that affect the speed of blog, and to recommend whether or not you want to throw it away. See examples below to Blog http://gurlalush.blogspot.com analysis.


Wow! I don't expected my blog got a Grade B, I thought I’ll got Grade E or F ker..jejeje..What are you waiting for guyz, Let us see which blog who will get Grade A later..

Here Step How To Do It In case You Don’t know..hikhikhik!!!

pink01 enterblog

pink02 analyze


pink03   myblogresult

Actually there are many more benefits on GTmertix , I just tell what is important only . You can explore it by yourself k Hopefully, this knowledge is useful!.

Let Analysis On Your Blog Now! Click HERE
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  1. Wow, interesting! I will try that and share the result as soon as possible on my next post. Then, we can compare each other, haha! XD

  2. I shall definitely check this site out and see how my blog is faring. Thanks for sharing it here!

    By the way, I've tagged you here:


    You may or may not want to write a blog post about it. I just wanted to show your link there as a way of thanking you for following my blog. :)

  3. @samizul.net

    ok .. go!!..go!! samizul.net ..hehe

    I can not wait to see for the results of your blog..

  4. @Mama Mia

    Thanx for tagging me Mia,

    But I have made ​​this kind of entry, random things about me ..

    I will try to do again for 10 Random things

  5. Waaa thanks for sharing. mau juga cek hehe

  6. @Cinoi

    Your most welcome dear..

    Wah!! got B juga kah..baguz2..

    Wonderin sapa kali yang dapat A nanti..:)

  7. sudah try.. hihihi

    page speed gred : B ; Yslow gred : D.. btw, Yslow gred tu apa ekk??

  8. @nowriz

    good for you dear..dapat B..

    hmm saya pun terfikir gak apa tue Yslow Grade..takpe lah janji page dapat b..kan..kan..kan...:)


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