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Danna Garcia [Dolores "Lola" Carrero] & Segundo Cernadas [Marcelo Machado]
After Telenovela Marimar ending on July 19,Bella Calamidades Spanish Telenovela  which means "Si jelita bernasib malang"in Malay will emerge through the slot Telenovela.

It will be broadcasting a total of 140 episodes every Monday to Thursday at 3.00 pm. Telenovela proven formula has gladdened the hearts of millions of TV3 viewers, especially females  through great dramas from Asia and Latin America as She-Wolf, The Last Sentinel, Stairway To Heaven, Thank You, Striving For A Sun, Lalola and Marina .

Calamidades Bella tells the journey of life an orphan, Dolores Lola Carrero (Danna Garcia) filled with many obstacles before the magic show to save an unfortunate fate.

Since hes father died, Lola had to stay at home of her aunt and grew up without love. In fact, Lola is often treated as a slave and never accept hospitality from her aunt family.

Unfortunately, one day tragedy strikes and Lola fled back to her hometown after considered herself as the cause of the accident that befell her aunt.

Lola was hiding in a small hut in a cemetery that is located far from urban areas. Given the messy look of Lola and unmanaged, people there think of it as the bearer of bad luck and less insane.

She is also accused of being the root cause of several incidents that have turned into tragedy. Sad and disappointed with luck, Lola really expect positive changes in her life.

Besides the great adventures of Lola, the TV3 loyal  audience  also have a chance to win attractive prizes through SMS Quiz Calamidades along Telenovela Bella is in the air.

Audience just type BELLA and send to 33399 to register before you answer all questions correctly after each episode to accumulate points.

Uniquely, every two weeks, organizers will announce a winner who has accumulated the highest point with the best slogan to take home prizes such as LCD televisions, mini refrigerators, microwaves and many more.
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  1. mcm best jak ni... hehe... nda pernah tgk lg...

  2. hehehe..kak, gua suke tgk cite yg ROSALINDA tu..sbb mak gua pon ske tgk..hehehe..

  3. @Diary oF Mine

    Memang best citer ni dear..saya dah pernah tonton mase kat Filipina ..hehe

  4. @Gua Tertidur

    Dik pun suke tgk telenovela upenye..hehe..

    Rosalinda pun best ,stim giler..hahaha!!!

  5. Rosalinda seksi! gua cuci mata je..hehehe..stim gile kak..

  6. @Gua Tertidur

    Wah!!..rajinnye dik cuci mata..hikhikhik!!!

    P/S : Lau dik kat Filipina,..Confirm 24/7 cuci mata jew keje..hehehe:)

  7. kenapa kat filipina kak? ade ape sane? 24/7? wow! lebam mata gua!

  8. @Gua Tertidur

    Bab kat sane ramai awek seksi.. ..hahaha..!!

  9. perghh..mmg gua nk g sane la! igt nk g kota xtau bajet kesana brp..argghhh!

  10. xla..bwk awek jejalan sane la :D


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