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Morning everyone!..Its been a while since my last entry isn't it?..well as usual,kinda busy past few days..This morning when I stumble on my blog,I saw my follower's widget is already 300 follower..Syukran,finally I've reached that after a year in blogosphere.It was a year old since I've started blogging,Actually I was intent to make a segment or contest in conjuction of my Blog's 1st ever anniversary this month,.hmm still considered it , afraid I could not handle it well because busy with work..

Pink Diva_1309745388904

This entry is a special entry for my 300 follower . .Who is the lucky Blogger? please allow me to introduce her here on my entry..hehehe:)jeng..jeng..jeng... As you can see in the picture above that with the purple circle are my follower of the 300 I mean.In recognition of this, I will include  her blog link in my blog list SOON .. ^ ^ though not as popular as other blogs, but that all I was able to make .Whatever is thanks to Dindaishah as willing to follow my blog.The owner of this blog comes from our neighboring country, Indonesia.

a lil escribitionist -)_1309747001287

Thanks also to the other my followers because without all of you, this blog will be haunted …hehe :)  although just how many people read the entry I made.... ^ ^ Insyallah.. if we are doing in a good intentions, then it really is so .. I pray may we all are under the grace of almighty one.
.. amin .. ~

Till then..have a nice dayz all!!
Sharing The Love :)


  1. wow... congrats dear.. :)

  2. Waalaikumsalam, hoho i got surprised when read this entry . Thanks a lot for the special entry you've given to me, hhoho.What a nice blog ;;)

  3. @Dinda-Dimple :)

    Its all my pleasure dear..and thanks to you too..:)

  4. kalau la ni gua..hehe..waa! teringin je orang cerita ttg gua..kah kah kah..

  5. @Gua Tertidur

    Sad to say is not you..hahaha!!!

    Just wait ,who knows you're turn plak kan someday..


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