Blog Of The Week - #6

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Good morning to all my dear readers..hope you are healthy as well as to your loved ones.Since Today is Saturday,I will announce and introduce you the winners of BOTW for the sixth week goes to.. [ ] owned by Miss. Dida Mumin.

Unfortunately,There's not much I know about her, as Ms. Dida profile is a bit private,probably she's aware with what she wants to share it in public about her in real,even About Me section not included in her blog..Although our acquaintance in the blogosphere only,never in face to face yet but I could feel she was friendly and kind thru in her comment on others blogger's friend [advantages of a woman's instinct huh ]..hikhikhik!!

Dida's Blog Header
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However, for those who want to know her more closely,Which I means is for a blogger's friend nor just a friend only..[ manalah tahu kan,she's not available ]..:P. You may ask her on your own lah..hehehe..As you can see photo of her below, she's only put the half picture shown.obviously she was a precautionary one.

pink01  As far as I knew,she was a sabahan who were in Dusun ethnicity.Although she is not perfect in speaking English, but she really loved to write in English..said Dida on her profile.It does not matter dear,which is important you understand it,even can't speak perfectly like an expert and can write in English..That's more ok than not good at all.

Miss Dida on photos
A fun-fact that for me gives her the edge : She is was one of my loyal visitors ,just like the others as well,..thank you dear :)

Make sure you pop over to Miss Dida Mumin and take a peek :)..
Follow her and you wont regret it ,promise:)
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  1. Congratulation to the winner for this week..jom kita serang blog pemenang ni..

    Couz,ndak ada chance kah aku jadi BOTW ni nanti?hahahaha!!!!!

  2. OMG!!!
    so baru perasan oo sheng...sorry!!sorry!!sorry!!...tersangat lah sorry..mcm sy x berterima kasih pula..Nway, thank you so much!..bit busy for Hari raya shopping baa...lagipun balik sabah tis year so lots of thing need to be prepared...sorry again & thanx a lot sheng...luv u!


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