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Finally, cookies for Raya I made with my sister for two consecutive days are completely done.This year, we made seven kinds of cookies such as Kuih Makmur,Batang Buruk [ MUST in every year ],Cornflakes Honey With Choc Rice,Fancy Ice cream , Almond London,Chocolate Chips and Pineapple tarts.

Batang Buruk

Chocolate Chips [ Lack Of Chips ]

Cornflakes Honey With Choc Rice

Kuih Makmur
Moreover ,Our family does not like to buy cookies sold in stores,We prefer with our own homemade cookies..Sometimes cookies are purchased at the store,The tasty just all the same, the difference is only in the colors and decorations on the cookies..huhuhu..A tiring day also make those cookies, but it really satisfies us,and besides making cookies,It is also forging closer ties with the relations among siblings and my sisters in laws..

This Evening,after breaking fast and when ready to pack up and clean up all dust,we will begin installing the curtains,replace the cushion cover and so on related in deco-ing the house..hehe..

This is my last entry for this week.On the festive days, I'll always be busy entertained relatives and guests who came to the house of discretion to spend a raya.

pink01  Therefore I'am busiest in preparation to celebrate Eid Days..I even forgot to make my entry for the winner to last week's BOTW...huhu!! Pardon me because have to disown my promise.the winner of last week I will postpone to next week ok.

Salam Eidul Fitri Al-Mubarak To All My Muslim Bloggers or Non-Bloggers Friends,And Happy 54th Independence Day To Malaysian.

In the hope of all my wrongful,mistakenly,unintentionally offended and coarsest language in my comments and entries so far I have been with you,You'll forgive me..

Pictures of other cookies could not be taken due to very busy .. Next post I will share it..:)
Sharing The Love :)


  1. Walah! byknya sis... :)))

    ehehe...kirim skit p tmpt sa bole? hohoho

    Btw, Hepi Eid sis! :)

    maaf zahir dan batin.. ^^

  2. uiks, rajinnya ko bt biskut.aku semua biskut tunjuk kecuali kuih makmur.hahhaa

  3. couz,tapaw kan aq vha kuih choc chip mu tue..sodap yeung!

  4. sy suka makan kuih makmur..:) kirim skit ada lg kah?


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