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A long silence of tutorial post,the last time I made was last month..As usual I am busy with work at the office.Than I do post of tutorial, I better make another entry.As entries for tutorials, a lot of things I've got to prepared like provide pictures and should explain the step by step so that the reader easily understood..isn't it hard ? hehehe :)

Ok back to the topic ..Yesterday there's reader who leave message on my chatbox and said "Nak tanya ni .yg post akak psl "how to install facebook status updates", klau utk Twitter punya mcm mana nak buat erk ?" said Doress.
Sample of my twitter status
This morning I want to share to you all on how to install twitter status on your blog.Let's begin..Follow all instruction properly to get the best result.

Firstly,you all must have Twitter Account.You already have background for your twitter status ? Upload it to get the URL Link of that image.

I saw HERE one site displayed lots of beautiful twitter status images.You can use it as an inspiration for your twitter status.

<center><div><a class="followMe" href=""></a><div class="block-twitter"><div style="background: url( no-repeat; padding-left: px; margin-bottom: 0px; width:450px; height:220px; "><br /><div id="twitter_div" style="width:200px; height:90px; font-size:12px; padding-right: 350px; "><ul id="twitter_update_list"></ul>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src=";count=1" type="text/javascript"></script></div><br /></div></div></center>

pink01 Dashboard> Design> Page Elements> Add a Gadget> HTML / JavaScript>.

pink01 Are you done edit the code above?,You may copy and paste into it and save and drag the gadget wherever you like.

Change the following codes :

  • Twitter-ID

    • change into your Twitter ID ..Example of my ID sweetiemie.

  • Image URL

    • Put your desire Image URL.

  • Width And Height Of Image

    • This you must know how to adjust .. change the value to the size is in the image..Example my image width is 400px,I put 400px also in there.

  • Width And Height Of Twitter Status

    • This is width for which you display your twitter status. it depends on the background you created earlier. examples of your background in large size 200px (approx) so you write 200px.

  • Font Size

    • Change font size that you want to use .

  • Padding

    • The most challenging trick..value depends on the position in the image .. you just have to try n error to get a beautiful result Change up padding left until your twitter status right to be on the exact place of your background...

    This tutorial you may have to make several times to equalize the status and background of your twitter.Try it until you are satisfied with it..Goodluck!!

    Saya pun pening kepala ohh masa buat last dapat juga :)
    Sharing The Love :)


    1. Oh ni kena pandai main ngan code ni...hehe..thx for sharing, tgk lah klu sy dah bosan ngan widget twitter yg sy pakai skrg, sy akan pakai yg ni ^^

    2. yeah... heh... thank you sis... nti mau try.. :)

    3. part yg bca kod tu yg sy lemah tu..huhuhu

      pa2 pun, thanks sbb sharing tutorial ni.. =)

    4. dah lama tak buka akaun twitter, dah lama meninggalkan twitter..tapi nice info Pink Diva :)


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