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On this sunny morning, I would like to participate in a segment that has been invited by my BOTW winners last week on my chatbox "hai.. saya dtg sini.. jom join segmen pertama saya"..Adik Nilam Suhana.Have not known her yet?..For those who did'nt know her yet please say Hi with her here ok..BOTW - #4.

Meanwhile there is no idea in the present,let us join the segments and its very easy like peanuts..hehe:)

istana biru nak berkenalan
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Ok I 'll start from here..

  • Full Name

    • Sherwina Andung Abdulaup
    • Sherwina Abdulaup Musa

  • Meaning Behind My Name ?

    • Sherwina Andung Abdulaup - My name during my single status.Andung was my middle name taken from my mom family's name.Abdulaup is my dad family's name.Our name did'nt state by the name of the father but the family name of taken by our father.Kinds of Chinese nation,the family name first before the child's name.There is no implied meaning in my name,As far as I know lah..hehe.
    • Since the name is a result from my cousin's name whom is smart and clever at the time and I also have been born.
    • According to the elders, give the same name as my cousin's name so that I would be clever and smart like her when I grow up someday.
    • My cousin's name is Sherwida,and they just change the second letter at last to be Sherwina.
    • Am I smart and clever like my cousin? I think those who know me better only know about this.
    • Sherwina Abdulaup Musa - Name After marriage, my original family name will become the middle name, and adopted my husband's family name.But on the IC remained still my name as the original.
    • This Belief from the olders.Dont Trust it 100% ok!!

  • Do I Like The Name Given ?

    • Absolutely! I really like the name given by them to me.Although there is no Islamic features in my name.Can not blame them,because at that time,probably they do not understand much about Islam or they may not know that named the child in the name of Islam is a MUST.Importantly they have guided me to the right one.

  • Good Side In Me ?

    • About this matter, Isn't it YOU ought to let me know that?..Because I think praise ownself it's inappropriate for me and such manifests itself is good but she is not.So I leave it to you to judge me..:)

  • Bad Habits

    • About this I will tell you gladly..hahaha!!I did a lot of bad habits and should not exist in any woman..kot..jejeje:P
    • Wiggles My Feet - Habit since I was little when I was a year old until now,Not only me,but all my siblings too.According to my mom,probably its a descendant of my dad's side.Once my mother tied up my both legs so I can not wiggle my legs cause my mom say ,inappropriate for a woman had a habit of this kind.But I still awake until morning.After that incident,my mom just let my habit so..:P
    • Addicted To Ax Oil ( Minyak Kapak ) - Oil which I always carry nevertheless where I go except to Toilet to loo..hikhikhik!!.Habit since me kid as well until now,I liked the scent of these oil.If I'm cold or have cough,I will drops an ax oil on the warm water and drink it.
    • Fan Lover - Our lives is moderate and simple,my parents can not afford to buy air conditioners by each us,so were using only Fan.I can not sleep well if no fan or the fan is turned off.If the electricity off or had a problem,I will stay up after the electricity back to normal.If my husband at home, he will fan for me.hehehe:)

    Ok enough with these three of my bad habits you already know..Actually there are more,but the time is being jealous to us..Till next entry..Ta..da...!!!
    Happy 9th Ramadhan..My hands is shaking right now cause late wake up this morning for Sahur,could eat only plain water with dates..Insyallah I'll make it till fast breaking..:)
    Sharing The Love :)


    1. waaa you have such a beautiful name, dear..i love it! ^^
      okay this is my first time finding a person who addicted to axe oil..haha..that's strange, but the oil does smell good right ^^

    2. wahhh what a nice name u have dear sherwina ^__^

    3. @Aemy Shamy Thats why i love my name.(ketara prasan di situ)..:P..hehe
      Wah! first time kah dear? ..indeed, there is something on the ax oil smell that made me addicted to it..:)

      @anamizu Thanx dear :) you've have the great name as well..

    4. sherwina pula nama pink diva kita ni... hihi... ;)

      sy pun ada kawan yang addict sama minyak kapak ni... ke mana2 mesti dia bawa... nda payah pakai perfume suda.. itu minyak kapak macam perfume nya yang ke-2.. lol

    5. wow such a nice discription :)

      datang dari segmen yg sama :)

    6. thanks yer sis sebab join... saya sangat2 menghargai...

      ni memang betul2 perkenalan yang sempurna.. nak tanya ni sis, jangan marah k.. asal mana??? nama sis memang sedap.. sherwina.. hope sama berjaya macam cousin k....

      heheheheh... ha, saya pon x pandai nak judge org, tapi mesti sis ni orang yang cool n baik...

      bad habit kita sama.. x da kipas, x mau tdo.. hahhaha.. tak boleh la tdo panas2...

      mm.. saya pon suka minyak kapak gak, tapi x pernah minum lagi.. apa rasanya erk??? hahahahahha....

      thanks yer sis sebab join..:)

    7. @PeRmAtA bIrU Your welcome dear. .Am glad to join your segmen.

      Its ok,tak kan lah saya nak marah plak. .Saya asal sabah,am a mixed..bangsa bajau + suluk + tagalog ..

      Sama plak bad habit kita kan. .saya memang tak boleh tido tanpa kipas..hehe

      Rasa sedap dan segar kat tekak bila minum minyak kapak. .hahaha!

    8. very nice name..
      unik pun ada!

      i like it!

    9. @nowriz panggil jak Sheng dear. .

      Minyak kapak sedap vha. .hehe:-D

    10. @CIK PARO!Thanx dear paro@Faraha. . Nice name as well,.:-D

      Salam kenal yer.

    11. woott :)
      complete describtion about background
      nice :)
      follow ur blog :)

    12. wah...BI mantap...hehehehe...saya follow kamu kembali...saya suka guna nama samaran

    13. oh, patut la.. heheheh...:)mixed rupanya.. orang kata kalau mix nih mesti bijak n cantik.. betul la tu..:)

    14. nice name ! ;)
      but i think i did call u sheng, sbb i saw it on your profile...that was u name also kan?

    15. @farah hanim thanx follow dear :)

      @Kancil 8349 sekali-kali pakai nama penuh juga lol..:) thanx yah dear

      @PeRmAtA bIrU Aik pepandai jew dear ni..bijak belum tentu lagi,then tak lah cantik mana pun..huhuhu

      @Dida LiciouS Yeah,Sheng just short term for Sherwina..thanx dear :)

    16. sherwina?sedap nama tu..orgnye pun cute..:)

    17. woahh, uniknyaa nama !
      tak pernah dengar lagi .
      hehe selamat berkenalan :)

    18. jom2 berkenalan dengan kawan2 yang lain..:)

    19. salam... terjah sini..
      kenapa semua org suka tido?
      anyway..happy blogging..
      already follow u..

    20. Dari segmen yang sama :B

      Salam perkenalan :D

      Wah unik namanya
      Mesti pandai kan sbb dah amek nama cousin yang pndai :D

    21. hye:)dari segmen yang sama...heeee~~salam perkanalan^^

      wahhh..sabahan ka ni??btw, sangat rindu nak duduk kat sabah balek:)hehehe~~


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