Spears Has Been Banned From Having Mobile Phone

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LONDON: Singer Britney Spears, 29, has been banned from having her own mobile phone to control her behavior.

Prohibition is seen as one of the measures taken by the people closest to the singer to avoid repeating the mistakes of her strange past.

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The person closest to Britney is always watching her movements to ensure she is at a proper track.

"One approach taken is prohibited from having a phone because it helps other people to control herself," the newspaper quoted a source, such as Sun.

Last year, a former bodyguard Fernando Flores, 30, claimed the singer had to send some pictures taken with her own mobile phones.

Spears is also alleged to have shown a tool stiffness and do not require advance payment for her home in Los Angeles.

However, the singer Baby On More Time denied all allegations.

Pop star is under protection of the law and her career is now managed by her father Jamie following the chaos that struck her in 2008.

I am once fans of her during her teen age ..:) I just love all the song sang by her.
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  1. fuyoo...smpi kna banned dr guna hp..haha..tp sy rsa dia ptut d bnned dr klab mlm jga..hehe

  2. ngam la tu dear..i thought this invention is good for her benefits. huhu...

  3. hahaha...shame on you Britney! :p
    Kesian dia..bagus2 sy minat dia dulu dia p buat hal lg sampai skrg :p hahaha..haizz...


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