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Some of my friends,including me complained they actually gain weight during the fasting month of arrival. All the people fasting will reduce a lot of their weight, but me in turn, gain weight more heavier than normal. And with limited time to eat, like the amount of food intake becomes less. But in some people it is not. Eating a pile, unhealthy foods and habits as well as fasting that does not support it will make fat diet. So, in order to succeed when fasting diet, here you need to do..

P/S : This entry is directed to myself and they are also concerned..:)

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pink01 Eat Small Portions And Frequent

Start breaking with dates and water. Do the next activity, then eat a full menu with small portions of soup that begins with your digestion is not surprised. Run Taraaweeh activity, after which you can eat snacks, pastries and fruit slowly. Avoid eating the cookies if you want to get to sleep.

pink01Meal With Soup

Sahur with severe food often makes you feel hungry a few hours afterward. To avoid this, select the menus soup for the meal. Soup will facilitate digestion, and make you feel full.

pink01 Avoid Carbohydratest

Perhaps you are afraid of shortages during the fast so that the carbs in large portions. In fact, when the body caught eating only once a day, your body will store energy reserves so you do not need to eat carbohydrates in excess in the month of fasting.

pink01 Limit Cakes

No doubt, during Ramadan and Eid day delicious cakes is easy to find, and everyone seemed to support you to eat it. Determine how many times you can eat cake, twice a week or three times with small portions. Depending on your needs.

pink01 Expand To Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Cooking with coconut milk, oils, fats and carbohydrates can hardly be avoided during the fasting month of arrival. Balance with adequate fiber intake from fruits and vegetables. Vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables also can refresh your day.

pink01 Keep Exercising

Do not pamper yourself during fasting. Stay active as usual and do sports in the afternoon when the dawn will break or to eliminate sleepiness. Many bed and sit it will accumulate in fat and make you fat even when fasting.

Hopefully in the fasting month, I grew a little thinner than usual..hehe:)
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  1. Limit cakes. True! True! Time posa ni lah sis, kek coklat, kek batik, kek pisang semua dirembat.

  2. great!
    tp kan bazar ramadhan jual mcm-mcm bah! kelabu mata tengok, mcm semua mau di makan..hehe

  3. @SimplySeoul Ye lor dear.. time posa cam ni,mang berlambak hard to resist vha..hikhikhik!! ..jauh lagi,dah fikir pasal makanan plak..:P

    @Dida LiciouS Betul tue dear..sebab tue saya jarang pergi bazaar ramadhan,variety of foods ada ..ikutkan hati semua nak makan..hehehe

  4. exercise petang2 bagus tu. ifwat pun tiap2 petang walau bulan puasa tetap kayuh basikal.. konon nak hidup sehat la..haha, sampai ada orang kata tak puasa pulak aih.. hee

  5. @ifwat wah rajin exercise wak ifwat,bagus2. . .jarang sekali nmpk org buat cam ni pada bulan ramadhan. .hehe. . .biar lah apa orang kata kan. .janji sihat


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