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Anyone here who has a pet fish at home? There's may be among those who always miss their pet fish when they go anywhere over anything affairs, or fear of others to look after their pet and want to take care of their pet fish by themselves ?..Now you need not trouble to think again after this,..hehehe..BECAUSE...

Michael Shabtiali, a design student to develop the concept of pet carriers for fish, requiring water media wherever they are. Previously, it has created and produced extensive 'cage' specially for pets to be taken wherever the owner goes, like a special basket for the hamster and the chihuahua, and a small box but freely enough for the turtle. But for fish, it is still difficult to carry it.

Unique and cute, this bowl of glass where the fish could be style accessories fit the contents.
This concept brings Shabtiali create a special tote bag fitted glass where the fish swim freely. Despite strong enough to bring the fish and water media, but you can imagine what a headache the fish must come shook every time you walk. For short distances and short time span, this bag can function properly. At least instead of wrapped tightly in plastic bags, a new fish you buy will be very happy if placed in this bag.

Apart from its innovative functions, you can also modify these bags into fashion items that are fun and dramatic. Instead of fish and water filled, you can fill a chunky crystal or marble of different colors that can come flamboyant moves with your stride. Marble of different colors can also disguise the luggage if you intend to make this unique fish bowl as a real handbag.

pink01  Unfortunately you can not put this bag on a flat surface, because the bottom is not flat. But you can still propped in between the table and the wall when not carrying it on for dinner.

Isn't it cute and pretty..:)
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  1. cun jugak kan.. tak de la ikan tu terlompat keluar.

  2. cool habis!

  3. Ada ka orang beli ni sis? I mean, let me rephrase it, ada ka jugak orang rindu betul sama ikan smpai mau bawa jalan.

  4. Sangat kreatif rekaan ni tapi tak kan ikan pun mau bawa jalan2 kan..haha! nanti kena rompak utk di goreng macam mana haha :D


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