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On the next week, the Chinese people will celebrate the Moon Cake Festival,which will arrive on September 12 2011.In addition to Chinese New Year, many people do not realize that the Moon Cake Festival is also the most important festival for Chinese. The festival is celebrated with lantern processions on the night of the festival, as well as the mooncakes themselves.

Mooncakes packaged ready to be distributed to my boss's friends and family.
Moon Cake Feast is celebrated on the 15th day in 8th on the Chinese calendar, which is at the end of August to the end of September. It is almost always with the autumnal equinox. At this time, the moon is usually floating and light, making it the appropriate time to celebrate the summer harvest.

Moon cake is a special dish at this festival. Moon cakes are made from dough that contains core sweet red bean or lotus seed paste, or salted egg yolk.

Did you know that the Moon Cake Festival is closely related to an event commemorating the history of the people's struggle for freedom China's rise under Mongol rule of an oppressive and cruel?

Because of this, the Chinese people to push the Sun agreed to rebel.Rebellion under the leadership of Zhang Yuan Xhu besama followers, Liu Bo Wen have used moon cakes as a tool to spread information.

Mooncakes sold widely in the market at that time was inserted sepucuk note calls people to rise up to overthrow the government on the night of the 15th, the eighth month in lunar calendar.

In the middle of the cake was also placed orders that explain how to rebel. The rebellion was finally able to topple the reign of the Mongol tribe (Yuan Dynasty).

Since then, the moon cakes rather than being a traditional food, they also reflect the values ​​and symbols of struggle for justice and against tyranny.

To date,this event was celebrated every year by the Chinese community in the celebration known as the Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Cake Festival.

Source : Wikipedia

pink01  A little info about mooncakes.To the Muslim out there,please bit careful with the mooncakes.Because,originally mooncakes is NON-HALAL because using non-halal oil,but eventually now it made in a halal for Muslims alike to enjoy it.

If you want to eat or want to buy mooncakes,please looking for that is halal JAKIM marked. Because of my experience, don't be easily believe in the moon cakes produced by the store bakery even though it was placed HALAL JAKIM mark on it. It is feared that it just tricks that can be sold easily by the muslim purchaser. 
Moon Cakes packages this year more palatable and have a beautiful container than a year before.I take Fruity Mixed Nuts Royale,Cheesy Choc Oreo,and Expresso Walnut Latte..nyumm!!!
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  1. pernah smbut taun lpas dgn dak2 cina kelas, tpx brani nak mkn..huhuhu

  2. aku mmg dari dulu x berani mkn kuih bulan.biarpun ada tanda halal JAKIM.takut ni..


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